Pro Jakarta Commons

Pro Jakarta Commons bcm Title: Pro Jakarta Commons Authors: Harshad Oak Published by: Apress Abstract This book describes in some detail all functionality in the Jakarta Commons components. Jakarta Commons actually is a collection of common tools which were sprung to live during the development of other Jakarta Projects. As the name suggest it provides common functionality . The book describes among others the lang, Logging, BeanUtils, Digester and Collections components. Some simple examples are given. The writer of this book actually wrote a very thin wrapper around the documentation provided on the Jakarta web-page. Personal opinion I don’t say you should not read this book. There is a lot to be learned. But none of the information in this book is new. All of it can be found on the Commons website or in the JavaDoc. Furthermore I think the author was at the border of his own knowledge. This does not stop him constantly belitling his readers, something which I found rather annoying. The biggest plus for this book is that it reminds you not to reinvent the wheel. Jakarta Commons rules!

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