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Book : Oracle Mobile Application Framework Developer Guide

It has been a while since my previous post, and I have a very good reason for that. I have been busy, very busy. But now, after a long time of writing and rewriting I can finally anounce that my book, Oracle Mobile Application Framework Developer Guide, is available for you to buy. Many thanks to my reviewers Chris Muir, Frank Nimphius and Joe Huang who guided and helped me all the way.

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If you are starting with Oracle MAF development, this book will give you a jump start. You will learn the concepts of MAF and MAF development and learn tips and tricks for MAF development.

In Oracle Mobile Application Framework Developer Guide, I explain how to use this powerful framework to create multiplatform mobile apps based on a single code base. Detailed examples and ready-to-use code are provided throughout the book. A complete, step-by-step sample application highlights the robust functionality of Oracle Mobile Application Framework, including data visualization, UX patterns, geographical maps, push notifications, and more.

A glimpse of the content:

  • Configure your IDE for Android and Apple iOS application development
  • Build AMX pages and task flows for mobile applications
  • Work with the binding layer and data controls
  • Create application features and configure access to them in the springboard and navigation bar
  • Call web services using a data control and create an on-device database
  • Implement device interaction.
  • Debug, test, and secure Oracle Mobile Application Framework applications

And finally you will learn how to build an interactive sample app.

Table of contents

Part One: Understanding the Oracle Mobile Application Framework

1: Introduction to Mobile Application Development

2: Setting Up JDeveloper and Your Development Platform

3: Oracle JDeveloper for Mobile Application Framework Development

4: Building AMX Pages

5: Bindings and Data Controls

6: Application Features

7: Using Web Services and Local Database

8: Device Interaction

9: Debugging and Testing Mobile Application Framework Applications

10: Security and Deployment

Part Two: Developing the Sample Application

11: Explaining the TAMCAPP Sample Application

12: Developing the Springboard

13: Building the Conference Session Feature

14: Building the Attendees Feature

15: Developing the Maps and Social Network

16: Configuring Security and Preferences

17: Implementing Push Notifications

18: Enhancing TAMCAPP

If you want to read the book, You can buy it at the #oow14 bookstore or on-line :

Here you can also read the The of Contents and the first chapter to get a glimpse of the book.

The book is also available at



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