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The PlanBoard Oracle DBA Symposium (17/11/09)

Its almost that time again, on the 17th of November the next “DBA for DBA” Conference in Holland is about to start. As always, its filled with great speakers and high quality presentations if not only because most of them are based on real-life driven use-cases.

On the 17th of November the following colleagues / peers will present thei favourite topics:

  • Harald van Breederode – Oracle Database 11g release 2: Data Guard new Features in Action,
  • Frits Hoogland – Oracle HTTP Server security,
  • Ingo Wevers – Oracle Streams – concreet en beheerbaar toepassen,
  • René Kundersma – Exadata/SUN Oracle DB machine,
  • Rob den Braber – Automatic Storage Management (ASM) 11g release 2 ,
  • Bernhard de Cock Buning – Oracle GRID Infrastructure ,
  • Rudolf van der Heide – How to bluff your way into data warehousing for DBA’s,
  • Alex Nuijten – Continuous Database Application Evolution in Oracle Database 11g Release 2,
  • Yuri van Buren – Forecasting Oracle Performance,
  • Nienke Gijsen – Performance en Oracle 10g histogrammen

Have a more detailed look and or register via: (Dutch)

I have had a small preview of Alex’s presentation about “Editions” and it was pretty cool. Other topics like 11gR2 features, Exadata (yep apparently we have some in Holland), ASM, DataGuard, demo’s of the content etc, etc, from my DBA peers, Oracle ACE or OakTable Network member will be explained in great detail.

So in short: Be there or be Square