Presenting at ODevCYatra 2018 in Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai (11, 13 and 14 July)

Lucas Jellema

I_M_SpeakingIn 2013 I have participated in the OTN Yatra – a conference tour of six cities in India (). This year I am glad to be back for a second Yatra. I will present in three cities (Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai) and I am really looking forward to meeting many old friends and new ones as well.

I will present three different talks on these events:

  • Intro to Docker Containers and the Oracle Platform
  • The Art of Intelligence – Introduction Machine Learning for Oracle professionals
  • 50 Shades of Data – how, when and why Big, Relational, NoSQL, Elastic, Graph, Eventjeeconf2(here I am presenting that same talk at JEEConf in Kyiv, Ukraine in May 2018)

Additionally of course I will be available for questions and discussions in the hallways and over lunch.

To sign up for one of these events, use the links below:

I hope to meet you there!

Note: This is not a commercial event, a fee of Rs. 600 + GST  is asked as registration fee to cover the Lunch/Tee/Coffee/Snacks and other logistics to host the event.

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