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Open Letter to managers and team leaders of Oracle professionals – the quickest route to brain fuel

Dear manager or team leader of Oracle professionals,

If you have Oracle professionals in your team –whether they are DBAs, PL/SQL developers or Middleware & ADF specialists – in all cases, personal growth and improving knowledge are important goals for them and thereby for you as well. In this light, there is an international event in The Netherlands in the beginning of June that I would like to point out to you: a unique opportunity to gain inspiration and knowledge, as well as share experience, packed in two days. It is also a great platform for discussing current operational challenges with peers and learning about their best practices and solutions.

imageAMIS, one of the world’s leading specialists in Oracle and Java, is celebrating its 25th anniversary and we have seized the opportunity to celebrate this milestone by organizing the Beyond the Horizon conference. This conference will be held on the 2nd and 3rd of June at the Valkenburg Naval Air Base, near Leiden in the Netherlands – not too far from Schiphol Airport. There will be over 100 sessions by more than 70 international speakers and we’re expecting visitors from around the globe, including 40 Oracle ACE Directors and 25 staff from Oracle Corporation. An international event to be reckoned with!

The conference’s main themes are:

Database – database administration & development (SQL, PL/SQL, APEX)

UX & UI – User eXperience & User Interface development – ADF, Oracle JET and rich client JavaScript web development frameworks

Integration & API Management – web services, SOA (Suite), BPM (Suite), API management

Business Agility, Continuous Delivery & Provisioning

Middleware Platform – WebLogic, Exalogic

Logically, subjects such as cloud, security and architecture are recurring themes and practical cases and real life experiences are playing a major part in the sessions.

The conference is not too big or pretentious and intimate enough to easily communicate with speakers and other visitors for sharing tips & tricks, solutions and experiences. The sessions provided by our highly experienced speakers are generally in-depth and have the value of mini-trainings. And more than in a regular training session, this event provides the opportunity to get inspired, while also adding value with a crossover of multiple disciplines.

In two highly intensive days, participants have the opportunity to learn more about subjects that they are occupied with on a daily basis and to hear how experienced specialists handle those subjects and their particular challenges. On top of that, the conference is an excellent way of looking into future developments. Sometimes, the pressure of daily challenges can narrow the focus of IT professionals, but Beyond the Horizon offers them a chance to explore above and beyond.

Of course, being the CTO of AMIS, I’m far from objective. I’m extremely excited about this conference, the sessions, the speakers and the energy that we’re going to generate and share in these two days. This is icing on the cake for any Oracle professional and it will provide inspiration and enthusiasm fueling any visitor for quite some time. So, in my opinion, all my colleagues at AMIS should be there. And I even think that every Oracle professional should be there, and that includes your colleagues! Grant them this unique education; if needed – persuade them to put their daily work aside for these two days and let them explore the vast world of Oracle with us at Beyond the Horizon. It will be worth the investment.

Details about the conference, like information about sessions and speakers, agenda, location, hotel & travel logistics and registration form, are available at

The cost for two days will be 795 euro, and we can provide discounts for group registrations. Also, for you as a manager or team leader, we are happy to provide an entrance pass for a day, so you can feel the atmosphere, learn a few things yourself and experience your staff getting inspired. If you have any questions about this or any other aspects of the conference, please write to

Kind regards and I hope to meet you and your colleagues Beyond the Horizon!

Lucas Jellema




To get a feel for the location – see the below map. Note: driving from Cologne takes around 3 hours, from Brussels around 2 hours


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