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amis25bthBelow you will find an overview of all the sessions that took place at the AMIS25 Beyond the Horizon conference (1-3 June 2016, Katwijk, The Netherlands) along with the associated session resources – such as the presentation slides and where applicable the source code.


Presenter(s)TitleSession Resources
Aino Andriessen

Aino Andriessen

Deploy with joy: automate the build and deployment of your ADF Fusion application
Alan Arentsen

Ultimate Node.js countdown the coolest APEX examples
Alex Nuijten

Oracle Database 12c for Developers
Alex NuijtenStructuring an APEX application
Andreas Chatziantoniou

Impact of Cloud Services on the work of Oracle technology expertsSlides:
Andrejus Baranovskis

Oracle JET CRUD and ADF BC RESTSlides: –
Antonis Antoniou

Building a Travel Request Application using Oracle Process Cloud Service in 25’
Arturo Viveros
Digital Transformation & The Future of SOASlides:
Arturo Viveros, Jorge Quilcate Otoya

Lightning Quick Provisioning and DevOps for Oracle SOA Suite 12cSlides:
Bert Hajee

Raising the bar: Using Puppet to manage your whole enterprise stack from OS up to Application (private cloud).Source code:


Björn Rost

Quick Guide to Open Source SQL Tuning ToolsSlides:
Bram van Pelt

Identity 3.0 and Oracle, a match made in heaven or is hell freezing over?Slides:
Bruno Borges

How to use Java Cloud Service for Java EE Testing in the Cloud
Bruno Borges

Oracle and Docker Containers Current Strategy & Roadmap
Bryn Llewellyn

Edition-Based Redefinition: the Key to Online Application UpgradeSlides:
Bryn Llewellyn

Why Use PL/SQLSlides:
Danilo Schmiedel, Sven Bernhardt

Test-driven Upgrade to SOA Suite 12cSlides:


Darko Vukovic, Jakub Nesetril

Oracle API Cloud Service – Vision and StrategySlides: please contact if you would like access to the slides.
Debra Lilley

Does UX Really Matter? Tales from Real Implementations
Debra Lilley

What does Digital Disruption Mean To The Oracle Ecosystem?
Duncan Mills

Standing at a Crossroads, ADF and JET
Edelweiss Kammermann

Data Visualization tips for Oracle BI y Data Visualization CloudSlides:
Edwin Biemond

How Docker is slowly changing our IT environments and how we do application lifecycle management
Eugene Bogaart, Maurits Dijkens

Live demo: Building a IOT application for your phone with Oracle Internet of Thing Cloud Service and Mobile Cloud Service
Eugene Fedorenko


Deep Dive into Oracle ADF Transactions: Advanced Techniques
Francisco Munoz Alvarez

Why use Oracle VM for Oracle Database
Frank Houweling

Frank Houweling

ADF Performance Monitor: An OverviewSlides:
Frank HouwelingCase Study: How to Make Confusing Data Visually Attractive with Oracle AltaSlides:
Frank Nimphius

If You Can Stand the Heat … – The Oracle Mobile Cloud Service Cooking ShowSlides:
Frank NimphiusWelcome to Your New Job: The Future of Application Development
Frits Hoogland

Running Oracle Database 12c on a 32 socket server with 24 terabytes of memory.
Frits HooglandDrill down into the log writer inner working and communication to foreground processes.
Geertjan Wielenga

Oracle JET: Enterprise-Ready Technology for a Fast Changing World
Graham Wood

Application Architecture Scalability Myths
Guido Schmutz

Intoduction to Streaming AnalyticsSlides:
Guido Schmutz

IoT Architecture – are traditional architectures good enough or do we need new approaches?Slides:
Gürcan Orhan

Gurcan Orhan

How to solve complex business requirements with Oracle Data Integrator?Slides:
Harald van Breederode

Harald van Breederode

Heli Helskyaho

Managing the changes in database structures in agile project with Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler
Heli Helskyaho

Top 10 Features of SQL Developer everybody should use
Iloon Ellen-WolffStamp with your feet on the ground. How to use Oracle Application Express most effectively in the Cloud
Jaap Poot

High density deployments using Weblogic MultitenancySlides:
Jacco Landlust
10 things you should know about Virtualized Exalogic
Jacco Landlust

What every DBA needs to know about JDBC connection pools
Jeremy Ashley

General Session – Oracle Applications User Experience: Trends and Strategy
Job OprelOracle Enterprise Manager 13C and Hybrid Management, a happy marriage?Slides:
Jon Petter Hjulstad

REST – Why, when and how ?Slides:
Jonathan Lewis

Just Don’t Do It
Jonathan Lewis

Interpreting and manipulating Parallel Execution Plans
José Rodrigues

Death Star BPM – Defying very large enterprise BPM projects
Jurgen de LeijerOracle Management Cloud: Realtime Monitoring and Analytics
Kees Jan Koster

Time to Code: the Art of Distraction Free Programming
Léon Smiers

Composing a Case Management solution with SaaS/PaaS/On-prem productsSlides:
Lonneke Dikmans
Integration options in the cloud: even more choice than before!?!
Luc Gorissen

Designing ACM solutionsSlides:
Luc GorissenACM/BPM and Elastic SearchSlides:
Lucas Jellema

Systems on the edge – your stepping stones into Oracle Public PaaS CloudSlides:
Lucas Jellema, Lonneke Dikmans, Torsten Winterberg, Wilfred van der Deijl

Soaring through the Clouds – Live Demo on How to Integrate Ten Different Oracle Public PaaS ServicesSlides:

Source code:

Luis Weir

A Microservice Approach for Legacy ModernisationSlides:
Lykle Thijssen

Business Processes in the Cloud: a practical client case with PCS, ICS and OPASlides:
Maarten Smeets

How to build a Cloud AdapterSlides:
Source code:
Maarten Steinbuch

Keynote: The future of cars, robots and humans
Marco Gralike

Getting Started With JSON in the Database (the concepts)
Marco GralikeUsing Database In-Memory Column Store with Complex Datatypes
Mark Vilrokx

Developer Experience, Because Developers are People Too
Matt Wright

Moving Integration to the Cloud – Why, What, How and When?Slides:
Matt Wright

DevOps best practice for Oracle SOA and BPMSlides:
Matthieu de Graaf, Frank HouwelingWrite once, Use everywhere: Reuse in ADF applications
Matthieu de Graaf, Rokesh Janki

Beyond the Oracle Forms Horizon: from Forms to ADF in minutes
Maurice Luizink, Bram van Pelt

Maurice Luizink, CISSPBram van Pelt

Value adding Identity Services with Oracle Identity Cloud Service
Noel Portugal


Smart Offices Are the Future of Work, Powered by the Internet of Things
Paco van der LindenTips, Tricks and Tools to boost your productivity with Oracle JET
Paco van der Linden

Introduction to Reactive Programming
Patrick Barel

Get your money’s worth out of your DatabaseSlides:
Pete Finnigan

Database Vault
Peter Ebell

(Is There) Life After SOA / Alien Architectures
Peter Smeenk

Oracle Fusion Middleware and Continuous Delivery at the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice
Ralf Mueller

Decision Support in Business Process Management Applications
Rene Simoons, Eugene van der Voort

Rene Simoons

Eugene van der Voort

How to implement PCI and multi-tenancy on Exalogic infrastructureSlides:
Richard Olrichs

Richard Olrichs

Building your campaign site with Documents & SitesSlides:
Rix Groenboom

Practical example of Service Virtualization for API simulationSlides:
Rob van den Berg

Rob van den Berg

Code Generation with SQL Developer Data Modeler
Robbrecht Amerongen, Erik de Jong

Uncomfort zone:Peek into the world of wearables using augmented and virtual reality for business solutions (Oculus Rift and Hololens)Slides:
Robbrecht Amerongen, Maarten Smeets, András Hetényi

SOA Deployment. The dirty tricks using Bamboo, Nexus and XLDeploySlides:
Robert van Mölken


Simplifying Integration between Cloud and On-premises applications
Robert van MölkenHandling Large Files with Managed File Transfer and Oracle’s Cloud ServicesSlides:
Ronald van Luttikhuizen

Help! What integration solution is best for me?
Sai Janakiram Penumuru

Harness the Power of Big Data with OracleSlides:
Sai Janakiram Penumuru

Oracle VM, the Heart of Oracle CloudSlides:
Shaun Smith

Oracle Application Container Cloud Service: The Lightweight Polyglot Application Platform
Shay ShmeltzerStreamline Agile Team Development and DevOps with Oracle Developer Cloud Service
Shay Shmeltzer

Agile Development Process With JDeveloper and Developer Cloud Service
Shay ShmeltzerExtending Oracle SaaS Made Easy
Shay Shmeltzer

Citizen Developers Rejoice – Introduction to Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service
Simon Haslam

Oracle Traffic Director – a vital part of your Oracle Infrastructure
Simon HaslamSSL Everywhere!
Sten Vesterli


The Five Ways of Building Oracle Applications (Forms, APEX, ADF, JET, MAF)
Sten Vesterli

Everything Thats Wrong With IT – And How to Fix It
Steven Davelaar

Building Successful Location-Aware Mobile AppsSlides:
Stewart Bryson

Stewart Bryson

Supercharge Your Enterprise Lifecycle with Continuous Integration and Delivery
Tim Hall

Its raining data! Oracle databases in the cloud.
Timo Hahn

Experience Report: moving development to the cloudSlides:
Toon Koppelaars

Hash joins and Bloom filtersSlides:
Torsten Winterberg, Danilo Schmiedel

Oracle IoT Cloud Service – First Practical ExperienceSlides:
Ultan O’Broin, Lancy Silveira

Oracle Simplified UI Rapid Development Kit and PaaS4Saas EnablementSlides:
Wilfred van der Deijl, Richard Olrichs

Unit Testing ADF Applications with SeleniumSlides:
Yalim Gerger

Version Control for the Oracle Database using Git



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