AMIS Oracle Open World 2009 XML Database Presentations Online

Marco Gralike

I have put my Oracle Open World Presentations online via Slideshare. They got a bit scrambled due to all the animations I build in this time, but alas…haven’t found a better method yet.

Oracle XML Database – Design Concepts For Xml Applications That Will Perform!

and my second session

Oracle Database 11g Release 2 – XMLDB New Features

Hopefully I get some time now to actually blog about those new XMLDB Oracle 11gR2 features in more detail on my blog and/or here.  Anyway, HTH, Marco

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OOW 2009: APEX 4.0 - a source of inspiration

  This article is about APEX – some of my initial impressions from the pending (deep into 2010) APEX 4.0 release. And the title is in no way meant to be ironic, contrary perhaps to popular belief. Yesterday I saw a presentation/demonstration by Mike Hichwa and David Peake from the […]
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