And off you go AMIS started 11gR1 Beta 1 testing Oracle Headquarters Redwood Shores1 e1698667100526

And off you go AMIS started 11gR1 Beta 1 testing

AMIS has been proven worthy to test the upcoming release of the 11gR1 database. After entering a lot of data in questionnaires and filling in project plans, AMIS got the approval to enter the test program. Last night I had my first 11gR1 (standard demo install) database installed on RedHat ES 3 and I must say;Β It went like a breeze.


All in all – a good start.

A lot off work will follow, but supported with a great amount of enthusiasm and enthusiastic colleagues, we will do fine.Β 

If you want to join the Oracle beta program then fill in the application on:

During testing I will be pin pointing on XMLDB features so keep anΒ eye on our technology blog. Keep you posted (if possible with the bounderies set in the Oracle beta test confidential disclosure agreement).

Project Lead for the AMIS 11gR1 Beta 1 test,

Marco Gralike



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