An Evening with Oracle Database Security Expert: Pete Finnigan

AMIS Technology School is proud to present, in collaboration with Miracle Benelux Masterclasses:

  • An Evening with Oracle Database Security Expert: Pete Finnigan on Tuesday 25th of May, 2010.

Miracle Benelux and Pete Finnigan agreed to do an extra special on the AMIS premises the evening just before Pete’s 2 day Masterclass in Utrecht will start (for the 2 day Masterclass agenda, see also the following URL). During this AMIS Query, besides the free food and normal standard setup of such an AMIS Query Event, Pete will have a presentation on Oracle security and there will be a lot of room of informal discussions during and after this session. There is still some room if you would like to learn from one of the best on Oracle database security.

An Evening with Oracle Database Security Expert: Pete Finnigan pete finnigan

More details on those masterclasses can be found on the Miracle Benelux site. Hopefully this will be the first of series… More details about this event will follow shortly.

About Pete Finnigan…

Pete is a world renowned expert in the area of Oracle security providing consultancy, design, security audits and trainings all in the area of Oracle Security. Pete is a member of the Oak table network, he has spoken regularly all over the world at various conferences such as UKOUG, PSOUG, BlackHat and Risk. Pete is a published author on Oracle security and researches and writes about the subject regularly. Pete also runs his website dedicated to Oracle security”.

About Miracle Benelux…

Miracle Benelux is specialized in database related performance- en stability problems. We have years of experience on troubleshooting Performance problems in large scale Oracle based systems. This is why Miracle Benelux is frequently asked to analyze where the performance-problems are when others give up and “everything” is tried. Miracle Benelux will present the solution on a quick and efficient base. Straight-to-the-point. Also when you have a different point of view with your supplier you can consult Miracle Benelux. Miracle Benelux has customers like Ahold, Free Record Shop, NUON, Eneco, Ziggo, TenneT, het Kadaster etc.

About AMIS…

AMIS creates ICT solutions to ensure the success of our customers to increase. We take along challenges together, with a passion for our profession, trust in each other and ambition to continuous growth. Committed to ICT. Involved in people. We want to help the customer progress by utilizing high-quality information technology. It is our aim to realize targets in cooperation with our customers thanks to standard software, our custom-made applications and our services. In short, to achieve results with IT.

We care about applying our knowledge for the customer’s benefit in the best possible way. This passion for our job could be said to be a compulsory element in our culture within AMIS. Getting results by doing what you love is great, but realizing them together gives them even more value. Cooperation is something we cherish. We hone our knowledge and experiences by sharing them with colleagues and customers. In our view this makes knowledge more valuable. Thus everyone is very welcome to attend the knowledge sessions that we organize or take part in discussions in our technology blog.

An Evening with Oracle Database Security Expert: Pete Finnigan oaktable


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