AMIS publishes a book: The Best Collected Stories of 2005 on Oracle and Java – it’s free (and in Dutch…)

AMIS has just published a booklet (250 pages) with the best articles from Magazines, Conferences and this Weblog. A dozen different authors, specialists in various areas such as Oracle Database, Java/J2EE, XML/XSLT, Integration, Oracle classic development tools etc. are bundled together in this paperback. Most of the content can be found on line, either on this weblog or in the technical article library on our website. If you want to have a bed-time read, and your Dutch is up to scratch, as a substantial percentage of this book is in Dutch, you can have your own copy of this book. Go to the order form for “De Beste Werken van AMIS”.
Our Christmas Present - The Best of 2005

The book contains articles on BPEL, SQL, PL/SQL, JHeadstart, ADF, the Oracle Forms JDAPI, JasperReports, the Spring Framework, Oracle Warehouse Builder, Tom Kyte, Steven Feuerstein and more.

Our Christmas Present - The Best of 2005


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