AMIS proud sponsor of the SQL Challenge PLSQL Challenge

AMIS proud sponsor of the SQL Challenge

PLSQL Challenge

SQL today is the foundation for any successful application. Whether it is a SOA implementation, an ADF or APEX application, a Forms application or any other usage of the Oracle Database (or any other relational database), SQL is key for the success. AMIS has embraced the evolution of SQL through the subsequent releases of the Oracle Database – trying to stay abreast of the latest features and adopting new functionality whenever it made pragmatic sense. In 2004 we developed the 7Up training – that introduced Oracle developers who started their Oracle careers with Oracle7 to the wonders of Oracle 9i. Through the years, this training evolved into a 7-11 training and we kept on presenting, demonstrating and writing about new ways of using SQL – through gems such as inline views and subquery factoring, analytic functions, the model clause, aggregations, multi-table DML, Flashback, intervals and many more. We must be one of the few companies in the world able to demonstrate all of the above using the DEPT and EMP tables in the SCOTT schema.

how-to-overcome-public-speaking-300x300In the month of April, we make another community contribution in the area of Oracle SQL: AMIS is the proud sponsor of the SQL Challenge – the world wide quiz for Oracle SQL developers that publishes weekly challenges, accessible via Various SQL-smiths at AMIS gathered to produce five challenges to be published in five consecutive weeks. Challenges ranging from beginner level questions through the advanced level questions. Demonstrating the power of SQL and the fun of playing with it. Hopefully you find a mix of both easy and mind boggling questions. Maybe there are some things you had never thought of or even heard of and can be really useful in your day-to-day work.

CupAMIS provides prizes for contestants during AMIS April at the SQL Challenge. We will be selecting 2 winners from the people who have the highest score for all the quizzes. Besides that we will also select one random winner from all the people who played at least one of the five quizzes. Prizes include your choice of a SQL related eBook and for the first place winner also a SQL related book.

You can expect new quizzes every Saturday for the coming 5 weeks starting March 31st.

Update April 2nd 2012: Check out the SQL Challenge here.