AMIS presents at JavaOne 2008

On day 2 of JavaOne 2008, Lucas Jellema and Peter Ebell did a presentation about enabling company and user level customizations of JSF applications. Using the title "Did We Spoil The End User? Building Personalization into JavaServer Faces Technology-Based Applications" they entertained the public in a role playing presentation. Lucas played the role of a sales person, Peter the role of developer.

 The announcement at JavaOne


Due to the late hour at which the presentation was scheduled (8:30 p.m.) the audience only had about 40 people. Some people left during the presentation, so they ended up with just over 25 people. Not bad considering the time.

 Live action at JavaOne!


Some people had some questions after the presentation which to me is an indication that more people would have attended and have been interested if the presentation were held at an earlier time. By the way,  the presentation will be made available through the JavaOne web site later on. Anyway, congratulations to Lucas and Peter for a job well done!