AMIS gains First and Third place in Volleyball Tournament

Tonight, AMIS participated in a Volleyball Tournament for companies in Nieuwegein, the place where the AMIS headquarters are located. Aptly named, the AMIS 1 team became First and AMIS 2 became Third in this tournament. Both teams became First in their group compatition, but AMIS 2 got beaten by a team from Rijkswaterstaat Nieuwegein in the semi-finals. This team were beaten by AMIS 1 in the finals, while AMIS 2 won the game for Third and Fourth place. Both teams won a bowl of Bittergarnituur while AMIS 1 also won the Tournament Cup.

Well done AMIS 1. Next year, AMIS 2 will meet you in the finals and beat your sorry @$$ 😉 

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