ADF documentation

Leon van Tegelen

In between sessions on Oracle Open World I visited the demogrounds. In one of the booths Duncan Mills was demonstrating Oracles ADF framework in JDeveloper 10g. IMHO the documentation on ADF is rather fragmented. There are some how-to’s, there is the excellent Data Binding Primer article by Steve Muench. But still I have the feeling I’m missing something to start building real life production applications. I talked to Duncan Mills on this topic and he agreed to some degree. He mentioned Steve Muench’s toy store demo as a good starting point. Furthermore he indicated that he is working on a “real life” demo application himself. After finishing the documentation he is going to put it on OTN or his own personal weblog.
He also hinted that there may be a book on ADF somewhere in the future. Hopefully he or someone else will find the time…

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