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About JR, Sue-Ellen and Hotsos 2007

I will be attending HOTSOS 2007 next week; and to be honest, I am not really into it yet. Despite, I guess and hope the great presentations, keynotes and insights that will be given during the week; working hours were harsh and long last month. Trying to uphold (most of the time, self appointed) goals and targets for customers and internal projects, I over did it (a little bit). So while writing this down, I am trying to cool down so it will bring me into the proper (nerd) spirit, where events like the HOTSOS event next week, will give me nice, exhausting, interesting, inspired, insightful days; Long, long, long days, full of great information and discussion.

This is the second time; I will cross the ocean, so it is not all newbie stuff anymore. My colleague Gerwin will also be attending the HOTSOS event. Gerwin, currently still struck by the flu, is just like me, completely into these kinds of events and there will be a lot of discussion with him and others: why, why not, or maybe, it is completely useless/useful to choose for a certain kind of performance solution or architecture. Knowing Gerwin, he would not miss it, so I will drag him into the plane if I have to.


The big advantage of attending, for us Europeans, lately, is that you can attend to such an event for an amount of money far less than, letÒ€ℒs say, an Oracle training week in the Netherlands (not that I currently would, by the way).

My last encounter with presenters / presentations, on Oracle Open World 2006, was disappointing. I had hoped that the general level of presenting had been higher. Only a small group of people during OOW2K6 like Jonathan Lewis, Tom Kyte or Cary Millsap, where worth going to and upheld there abstract promises. I learned a lot from them (thanks again) during OOW2K6. OK, I was not only attending OOW2K6, for the presentations, but also for meeting people like Mark Drake or Ken Jacobs and for strategic information, given during keynotes.

This disappointment will not occur at HOTSOS 2007. If you read the speaker list, you know you will hear great presentations and insights. You will be tired and broken at the end of the day, but it will be with a smile.

I am still not sure if you have to choose for track A or B (HOTSOS 2007 Speaker Schedule) or if you can change session in between tracks, but nether less the choice will be hard to make which session to pick.

I will present on the AMIS Academy on the 15th of March. I had no time yet to prepare my presentation, so after the HOTSOS presentations; I will have to do some work in my hotel room, fiddling around with PowerPoint. Opposing to Oracle Open World, I scheduled this time some off-time to see something of downtown Dallas. During Oracle Open World, I did only see the streets that connected me from one OOW event to the other OOW event. At night I was too shattered to still lift some of my feet.

The regarding the days to come, I will write about what happened in Dallas during the HOTSOS event. I will do my best to accompany it with some nice pictures.

Hopefully seeing you there,

Marco πŸ˜‰


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