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Thanks Doug, for pointing out one of the first Oracle 30th anniversary links:

I had the privilege to meet Mr. Jacobs in person for two times now. Two nice meetings with a very charming man with deep a knowledge about how Oracle became, what it is today. We met via my daring (ehhh too enthousiastic…) article about Oracle 4.1, that triggered nice discussions about our mutual "nerdishness" for the Oracle technology and how it evolved over the years. Its is nice to re-life a little bit (my Oracle storyline starts only from of Oracle version 6) the mutual warm feelings for a technology, which with I earned, over more then 10 years, my salary with (and of course thanks to the customers who believed in and trusted me)

I hope we will see some more of this, because I think it is alway important to realize from where we came from (and some it is still valued knowledge today).

Also read more here: 

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