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The Adobe SVG Viewer is a viewer for Scalable Vector Graphics like charts and graphics and, as I found out, is used by Oracle in web-applications. It’s downloadable at Adobe downloads.
However, the plugin only works for Internet Explorer.
With some minor tweaks it’s possible to make it available under Firefox/Mozilla. Just copy two files:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AdobeSVG Viewer 3.0\Plugins\NPSVG3.dll and
C:\Program File\sCommon Files\AdobeSVG Viewer 3.0\Plugins\ in the plugins folder of your Firefox/Mozilla plugins folder and restart your browser. Firefox still complains that plugins are missing, but the graphs are displayed.

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  1. in addition to my info above, adobe SVG v3.01 and v6(currently pre-alpha) does not work with Oracle EM correctly, but V3.02 does.


  2. extra info for firefox 1.5

    i’ve been trying to get SVG to work with oracle enterprise manager for about an hour now using firefox 1.5. it doesn’t work with the builtin SVG support (new to v1.5) so you have to use the work around above, but… you also have to disable the builtin support which no one was mentioning. in the address bar type “about:config” and press return. in the filter text box, type “svg” you should only have svg.enable listed. double click on it to set it to false. then perform the work around above.


  3. Oops.. didn’t see Lucas’ post on that. I’ll search better next time 🙂

  4. Be aware that version 3.03 is not yet compatible with the post reports on this site. Lucas is working on it. Version 3.02 works.