Eclipse and java5


Use Eclipse with java5:

  • Download a 3.1 Milestone
  • Add java5 to the installed jre’s (Window > Preferences > Java > Installed JRE’s)
  • Set the compiler compliance level to 5.0 (Window > Preferences > Java > Compiler)

Although it is said that Eclipse must pick up java5 by starting it with eclipse.exe -vm <path -to-jdk1.5-install>binjavaw.exe (you can check that with Help > About Eclipse Platform > Configuration Details) it worked fine for without that setting (maybe because java5 is my system’s default).

For me the third option did the trick.
This is the error message I got before changing that setting:
is not generic; it cannot be parameterized with arguments <string>
Syntax error, parameterized types are only available if source level is 5.0


About Author

Aino Andriessen is a consultant on Enterprise Java, ADF, PL/SQL, XML, and SOA development and is Expertise Lead on Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). He has a strong interest in ADF, SOA, Maven, architecture, quality management, delivery and application lifecycle management. Aino publishes on the AMIS technology blog and has been a presenter at the ODTUG Kaleidoscope, Oracle Open World and UKOUG TechEbs.


  1. I’m running 3.0 on a JDK 5.0 for a while and as long as I stick to Java 1.4 in code everything works fine. Of course the editor complains if I try new J5 stuff.
    :-) stw