new JHeadstart Team blog Announces production release


Oracle’s JHeadstart team does a double whammy, not only do they release the production version of ADF JHeadstart but they announce it on their brand new weblog.

As already mentioned in earlier posts on our blog the new and improved JHeadstart builds on the ADF runtime. For a customer we allready have working with several beta builds. So far it is looking really good. The application (20 master- detail multirecord UIX screens) already meets the specs for about 80 – 90%. When I complied the project last week using an Ant script I noticed the following line ” compiled 2 classes “. Yes, we only coded two java classes to that point, a special LoginAction (10 lines of code) and a BaseAction class. The rest is provided by the ADF framework and JHeadstart extensions on ADF. 2 javaclasses and a big bunch of xml files and the application is working 10 days after we started on the project…..

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  1. Leon van Tegelen on

    Yes indeed that is what I meant. We are now at 95% procent of the specs. The application is generated for about 95% procent now. The rest are post generation changes. The amount of coding is still very minimal en mostly concerns businessrules. To be totally fair I must say the application we are building is very well suited for JHeadStart, being an OLTP application with multirecord, master-detail forms.

  2. rob williams on

    Pardon the question to your weblog, but we are looking at JHeadstart, and your blog was mentioned (by Oracle rep) as an Oracle customer that had a production level application built using JHeadstart. Could you provide a little more clarification on “… meets the specs for about 80 – 90%…”? Does this mean that you have the application up and running, but still have 20% (or less) to hammer out, before it is completely functioning as designed?

    Thank you,

    Robert Williams