Handling Complex XML Schemas

Marco Gralike

Currently sitting in at Sam Iducula, Consulting member of the tech. staff and Mark Drake, Sr. Product Manager for Oracle XML DB. Before getting into the more in-depth topics Sam explained XML schema usage, for validation via XML schema validators like for example XML Spy or JDeveloper. This is currently […]

Oracle RDBMS 11gR2 – XML Data Partitioning – Part 1

Marco Gralike

  There is a Metalink note (563802.1) that has a very good example how XML data storage, partitioning can be achieved in Oracle version (the first officially supported XMLDB database functionality) and onwards. Partitioning can be used in such XML situations to spread the I/O load and it also […]

TopLink 11g is available for download

Lucas Jellema

I just found that at OTN’s TopLink page the announcement is already published that was expected later today: TopLink 11g is available. Note that TopLink 11g is based on EclipseLink – an open source product under the Eclipse Foundation. All functionality of TopLink 11g is available in the open source […]

Oracle 11G: XMLQuery = eval

Anton Scheffer 6

A nice little trick on Oracle 11G is using XMLQuery as an eval function: SQL>l   1  select substr( sys_connect_by_path( level, ‘*’ ), 2 ) || ‘ = ‘ ||   2         XMLQuery( substr( sys_connect_by_path( level, ‘*’ ), 2 ) RETURNING CONTENT).getnumberval() product   3       , substr( sys_connect_by_path( level, ‘+’ […]