Using asynchronous mechanisms in Java and JavaScript for improving the user experience

Lucas Jellema

  In this article, we will continue a discussion on asynchronous processing started in a previous article that introduced asynchronous and parallel processing Java using Executors, Futures, Callable Objects and the underlying thread model in Java 5 and 6. While a stand alone Java application – without UI – is […]

Devoxx 2008: The major announcements

Wouter van Reeven

At the time I’m writing this, Devoxx 2008 is well into it’s second day. Day one was quite interesting, with the major announcement being the release of JavaFX 1.0 last week. Apart from that, IBM presented their RFID technology, which has been incorporated into our access badges. Day two held […]

Context Sensitive Resource Bundle entries in JavaServer Faces applications – going beyond plain language, region & variant locales

Lucas Jellema 3

  We were faced by an interesting challenge: our JSF application should display boilerplate text – titles, button labels, prompt, error messages, tool tips etc, – in a context sensitive way. Not just by language, region and variant – the well known dimensions along which the standard JSF and Java […]

Mapping composite primary keys in JPA How to work around a bug in Hibernate Annotations

A table without single-column primary key, Java developers don’t like them because it’s more work than just putting @Id on a field. When you’re using Hibernate Annotations you might also run into an annoying bug. In this article I will explain how to map a composite primary key with JPA-annotations […]

Verslag van SpringOne

Erik Kerkhoven 3

Op 15 en 16 juni vond in Antwerpen de SpringOne conferentie plaats. Dit event bestond uit vier keynotes, zes zogenaamde university talks, veertig (parallelle) presentaties en 48 sprekers. Dit alles werd bezocht door zo’n 400 ontwikkelaars en andere belangstellenden, afkomstig uit maar liefst 25 landen. In de gangen en zalen […]

Map Adventures with Google, Oracle and Spring

In summer 2000 I started in the Field Service development team of Oracle’s eBusiness Suite ( The web form Dispatch Center contains four Java applets. One of them is a map. This map displays the location of the customers and the current position of the field service engineers who synchronize […]