SOA Suite 11gR1 PS3 – Some new BPEL features

Lucas Jellema 1

The Patch Set 3 for SOA Suite 11g R1 that was released last weekend brings bug fixes, stabilization, further integration between components and a bunch of new features. Most of them not spectacular, but quite useful all the same. More to please users of the product than perhaps potential buyers… […]

Embedded Java in a 11g BPEL process

Izaak de Hullu 2

In an earlier blog my colleague Peter Ebell (link) explained how you can create an extension of collaxa.cube.engine.ext.BPELXExecLet to do your coding in a regular Java environment so you have code completion and validation. In 11g no improvements have been implemented and the Java embedded activity is still a pretty dumb […]

Investigation into the true parallellism of the Oracle BPEL PM Flow activity in 11g (Technical Preview 4) – on flow, sequence, wait and (a)synchronous calls

Lucas Jellema

  The Flow activity is used to configure parallel activity in BPEL processes. In theory, activities contained in two or more branches (sequence containers) inside a Flow activity are executed in parallel. However, some sections in the BPEL PM documentation raise some doubt: "By default, Oracle BPEL Process Manager executes in […]