Red Expert Alliance Partner Blogs

Blogroll of our our Red Expert Alliance Partners. The Red Expert Alliance is an international network of first-class Oracle consulting companies. We are working together to deliver the maximum return on our customers investment in Oracle technology. We do this by collaborating, sharing and challenging each other to improve ourselves and our customers.

  • Rittman Mead at OUG Norway 2018 March 5, 2018
    Rittman Mead's Francesco Tisiot delivers two sessions at OUG Norway Spring Seminar on Oracle Analytics, Kafka, Apache Drill and DV on-premises and cloud.
    Francesco Tisiot
  • Spring into action with our new OBIEE 12c Systems Management & Security On Demand Training course February 19, 2018
    Rittman Mead are happy to release a new course to the On Demand Training platform. The OBIEE 12c Systems Management & Security course is the essential learning tool for any developers or administrators who will be working on the maintenance & optimisation of their OBIEE platform. View lessons and live
    Sam Jeremiah
  • Confluent Partnership February 12, 2018
    Here at Rittman Mead, we are continually broadening the scope and expertise of our services to help our customers keep pace with today's ever-changing technology landscape. One significant change we have seen over the last few years is the increased adoption of data streaming. These solutions can help solve a
    Jon Mead

AVIO Consulting

  • Curiosity Makes the Tester May 22, 2018
    Blog Lead Image Curiosity Makes the Tester You know when you have a set of test cases to get through before the end of the day, but something catches your eye?  What do you do?  Do you indulge your curiosity, or do you carry on like a good tester?   I find myself in this position nearly every focused testing moment of the day.  While I’m obliged to execute m […]
    Mark Hearon
  • AVIO Named MuleSoft Solution Partner of the Year May 9, 2018
    Blog Lead Image AVIO Named MuleSoft Solution Partner of the Year We recently received some news that got everyone here at AVIO pretty excited. Mulesoft, the provider of the Anypoint Platform we use to transform our clients’ digital business applications, has named us MuleSoft Solution Partner of the Year for North America. The select winners of the annual gl […]
    Brandon Dean
  • Oracle ICS - Advanced XSLT Mapping in JDeveloper April 9, 2018
    Blog Lead Image Oracle ICS - Advanced XSLT Mapping in JDeveloper While mastering the nuances of Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS), I was pushing along through a transformation mapping from a fairly complex source to an equally complex target.  Requirements slowly spiraled from 'simple' mappings to 'can-i-even-do-that' mappings.  ICS […]
    Kevin King

  • Integration in der Cloud mit Microsoft Azure May 23, 2018
    Im Artikel „Integration in der Cloud – Ein Serverless Ansatz“ haben wir Serverless Integrationsansätze für die Cloud vorgestellt, die wir gerne noch einmal technisch betrachten wollen. In diesem Artikel wollen wir uns dabei auf Microsoft Azure beziehen. Mit dem vorgestellten … Weiterlesen →
  • IoT Hackathon auf der Bosch Connnected Experience 2018 May 20, 2018
    Vom 20. bis zum 22. Februar nahmen Alexis Premet und Philipp Perez an der Bosch ConnectedExperience (BCX) – dem IoT Hackathon auf der Bosch Connected World (BCW) – teil. Hackathon und Konferenz fanden verteilt in mehreren Hallen der STATION Berlin statt. … Weiterlesen →
  • Azure Functions – Simple JavaScript Tutorial May 16, 2018
    Bevor wir in das Tutorial einsteigen, sollten wir uns erst einmal anschauen, was Azure Functions überhaupt sind: Bei Azure Functions handelt es sich um eine Lösung, mit der man kleinere Codefragmente (Funktionen) erstellen und in der Cloud ausführen kann. Bei … Weiterlesen →