Trouble shooting while upgrading a VM with Minikube, Elasticsearch and Kibana (using the –vm-driver=none option) –on my Windows laptop using Vagrant and Oracle VirtualBox

Marc Lameriks

For a demo, I needed an environment including Elasticsearch and Kibana (Elastic Stack). Lucky for me, I had the configuration for such an environment using Vagrant and Oracle VirtualBox. In the past, I already set up such a demo environment, available within an Oracle VirtualBox appliance, as I described in […]

AWS Config automated remediation

Frederique Retsema

Introduction It is possible in AWS to check if your environment is compliant to your minimum standards. It is also possible to automatically change the environment to make it compliant again. Maybe not in a way that was designed by the developer – but compliant anyhow. Let me give an […]

Preparation for migrating data to Oracle Virtual Private Database

Jacco Cijsouw

  preparation for migrating data to Oracle Virtual Private Database Introduction Recently I was part of a team involved in the preparation of migration data belonging to multiple business units into a single Oracle 19c database with Virtual Private Database (VPD). The VPD solution is used for the virtual separation […]