Which tools and technologies are new and exciting, proven, growing stale–report from Devoxx 2022

Lucas Jellema

A conference such as Devoxx is a great opportunity to get inspired into trying out tools and technologies that may not or only be vaguely be known as they are mentioned or even demonstrated by presenters or discussed in the hallways of the movie theater where the conference is taking […]

Adding Podman to my VM with Minikube (part 2)

Marc Lameriks

For a demo, I needed an environment with Minikube, using the Podman driver as an alternative container runtime to the Docker driver. In my previous article, I shared with you the steps I took, to get Podman in combination with Kubernetes (Minikube), working on my demo environment. [https://technology.amis.nl/recent/adding-podman-to-my-vm-with-minikube-part-1/] In this […]