ADF Performance Tuning: A Field Report

Frank Houweling

Last week I was doing an extensive performance analysis / health check on a large ADF project, with the newest version of our ADF Performance Monitor product. In this performance assessment/analysis I have focused high-level on the most important performance bottlenecks. We could see in the ADF Performance Monitor that end-users experience very slow page load times, they were waiting much more than needed. This ADF application needed attention; it could run more efficient like nearly all ADF applications can. In this blog I describe some of my findings, maybe interesting for other ADF projects as well.

Complete overview

The first thing I always do is configuring the ADF Performance Monitor on all WebLogic managed servers (in this case 4) to have a complete overview of the performance:


In this case a typical daily performance summary was (top left section):

  • 296435 HTTP requests (7% very slow, 28% slow, and 65 normal)
  • 1134 Errors (0,4%)
  • 0,25 Seconds Average Server Process Time
  • 0,57 Seconds Average Total Time an end-user needs to wait before an HTTP request is processed

What already is strange here is that the AVG total time end-users needs to wait (0,57 Sec) is more than double the time the AVG process time by the application server (0,25 Sec)!

Problem 1: Very Slow Browser Load Time

On the chart at the right bottom we can see the explanation for this. In this chart we see in a glance in which layer processing time has been spent; database (yellow), webservice (pink), application server (blue), network (purple), and browser load time (grey).

Read more on – our new website on the ADF Performance Monitor.

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