Comments for AMIS Oracle and Java Blog Friends of Oracle and Java Wed, 24 Jun 2015 09:59:44 +0000 hourly 1 Comment on Select a blob across a database link, without getting ORA-22992 by elalgarrobosiquesabiacortarelpan Wed, 24 Jun 2015 09:59:44 +0000 I can’t understand how it works but it really works. My database release is – 64bit.
Thank you very much Anton.

Comment on Where is my wallet – loosing the encryption master key in 11g db, compatibility in 12c by liezel Thu, 11 Jun 2015 21:05:42 +0000 Thx for this – just confirmed that I am in trouble – we lost our wallet file years ago, we never used encryption though, but we started the advanced security just to discover that we were not licensed, asking oracle how to get out of this… remove the wallet files – big mistake

Upgrade to 12c is ok, no issues, but dont try to convert the database to PDB… trouble

Comment on Licensing ODA on NUP’s and with different metrics by O-box Products Sun, 07 Jun 2015 10:33:51 +0000 Thanks for an interesting blog post Job!

I disagree with this LMS statement though and wonder what it’s based on. I have been told multiple times by Product Management that the “10 day fail-over rule” can be applied to ODA (since each node is connected to shared storage in a single data center) so I would have thought you could still do fail-over (for up to 10 days/10 occasions per year) even if one node (or its ODA Base if you’re using ODA VP) is licensed by Oracle Processor (for production) and the other by NUP. Of course if a node fails you may well find the second node has insufficient cores to run both production and test databases adequately, in which case you may have to sacrifice some test databases until the first node had been repaired, so it won’t suit everyone.


Comment on Oracle Database 12c: PL/SQL package UTL_CALL_STACK for programmatically inspecting the PL/SQL Call Stack by Jozsef Marton Thu, 04 Jun 2015 19:04:27 +0000 Nice post, just one remark to add:

When logging call stack to a table, be sure to query all the data you want either inside (i.e. in the values clause) or outside (i.e. to local PL/SQL variables) of the insert SQL command context. SQL context adds an extra SQL element to the top of the call stack, so if you mix contexts, but use the same loop index i, you will get results messed up.

So do either as given in code scratch 1 or 2, but NOT 3:

code scratch 1:
for i in 1..utl_call_stack.dynamic_depth loop
— query utl_call_stack information using loop index i to local variables l_var_*

insert into my_call_stack_logging (columns…) values (l_var_*);
end loop;

code scratch 2:
for i in 1..utl_call_stack.dynamic_depth+1 loop
— query information to local variables l_var_*

insert into my_call_stack_logging (columns…) values (utl_call_stack method invocations using loop index i);
end loop;

code scratch 3: do NOT do this unless you know what you are doing:
for i in 1..utl_call_stack.dynamic_depth loop
— query some utl_call_stack information using loop index i to local variables l_var_*

insert into my_call_stack_logging (columns…) values (l_var_*, utl_call_stack method invocations using loop index i);
end loop;

Comment on Read an Excel xlsx with PL/SQL by Anton Scheffer Wed, 03 Jun 2015 19:28:54 +0000 @Sagay. The max size of a varchar2 in a SQL-query is 4000 characters. If your excel contains larger strings you will get that error. I don’t handle that in purpose. If you do want to truncate those values, just change that line to t_one_cell.string_val := substr( t_strings( to_number( t_val ) ), 1, 4000 );

Comment on Read an Excel xlsx with PL/SQL by Sagay Wed, 03 Jun 2015 16:21:51 +0000 @Anton – Thanks for the package. It is parsing the Excel file as expected.

When I run the given query in SQL developer, after returning few 100 rows it hits “ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small” at line 296 of the package.

Can you please help?

Comment on Humantask Assignment in Oracle BPM Suite and SOA Suite by Mostafa Amin Mon, 01 Jun 2015 11:33:24 +0000 thx for your useful post and we are waiting to complete a series

Comment on Keeping track of your licenses with OEM12C – reports by Job Oprel Fri, 29 May 2015 11:00:21 +0000 You should see the output on the ftp-server almost immediately. If not, check the ‘Reports Job History’ (Browse/manage report jobs), status of the report job should be stated as ‘Problem’ with error-details included.

Comment on ADF 12c – Allow user to personalize the form items at run time using MDS based Change Persistence by Andrej Flieger Wed, 27 May 2015 22:00:57 +0000 Very helpful blog Entry!!
But in our case we need to amend the EAR file prior to deployment with the information to what db-based MDS-Repository the application should connect. How could we acheive that using either the wls-maven-plugin or the weblogic-maven-plugin?
I tried some configurations folloiwing oracle documentation at

But nothing works.
I posted my issues under:
Any Ideas?

Comment on Upgrade OVM 3.2 to 3.3 by Uwe M. Küchler Wed, 27 May 2015 16:02:14 +0000 Hello Jaap,
I had a pretty hard time migrating the VM Manager, but that is a different story. I found your great round-up while trying to find an answer for the following question:

What happens to the Oracle Database after it is migrated to MySQL?

In my case, I migrated from OVM 3.1.1 to 3.3.2 with an SE (not XE!) DB installed. The Post-Upgrade Docs don’t mention deleting the Oracle DB+binaries, but yet still the instance is running and wasting RAM and disk space.
How did you do the post-upgrade? Did you have to manually drop the old Oracle DB?


Comment on Kan iemand mij uitleggen waar IT heen gaat? by erik de jong Fri, 22 May 2015 11:49:09 +0000 Mooi stuk, vooral over de cruciale rol van eindgebruikers. User centered design zal nog lang op het ‘plateau of productivity’ staan, en ik hoop dat het ook een antwoord is op de titel van je blog.

Comment on Generating a PDF-document with some plsql: as_pdf_mini => as_pdf3 by Anton Scheffer Thu, 21 May 2015 20:49:51 +0000 @Naga
Not with as_pdf3

Comment on Generating a PDF-document with some plsql: as_pdf_mini => as_pdf3 by naga Thu, 21 May 2015 14:57:58 +0000 Hi Anton,

is there a way to add bookmarks to pdf using oracle pl/sql?


Comment on Oracle Database 12c: quickly create a virtual machine with OEL 6.4 and Oracle Database 12c (for dummies) by Ched Jr Tue, 19 May 2015 13:14:40 +0000 Thank you Lucas for these super helpful tutorials.

I am following your steps to install the 12c Database on OEL 5.5 rather than 6.4. So far everything is alright.

I have a question though, I got an error while trying to execute this step:

A file system has to be set up (similar to format I believe) on the logical volume. The next statement takes care of this:

mkfs.ext4 -v /dev/mapper/vg_oracledb-lv_oracledb

I got this error:

mke4fs 1.41.9 (22-Aug-2009)
mkfs.ext4: invalid blocks count – lv_oracledb

Any suggestions ?
Thank you

Comment on Using SQLite databases in iOS apps by raj Sat, 16 May 2015 10:01:33 +0000 what command is use to see how many data base is there..and how to select database…???