Programmatically Accessing the Oracle BPEL PM Workflow Tasklist from Java Applications

Lucas Jellema 2

An essential part of many BPEL processes are the ‘humanual’ steps – process steps that involve inter-human communication, system-bridging actions, decision making, approval and fuzzy logic based operations that we cannot perform automatically. In the case of Oracle BPEL PM, these steps are implemented as calls into the Oracle BPEL […]

Using Lucene with Spring Introduction to Spring Modules

While preparing a Lucene presentation and workshop I came across Spring Modules. It’s a small set of libraries that does things the Spring-way. It isn’t included in Spring because it doesn’t belong to the ‘core-business’ of Spring. I’m not writing about the possibilities of Spring Modules,  I’ll only focus on […]

ADF Faces for MyFaces is now called Trinidad

Earlier this year Oracle donated their JSF UI components from ADF Faces to the Apache Software Foundation. Since ADF is more than a set of UI components it was decided to rename the donation to “Trinidad”. The name Trinidad was chosen because it matches with the other JSF subproject called […]

Oracle Toplink goes open source – launch of the Community Edition

Lucas Jellema

I just noticed the Toplink Essentials JPA (java Persistence API or EJB 3.0 Persistence) homepage on OTN: . As you probably already know, Oracle has open sourced a substantial portion of its Oracle Toplink ORM (Object Relations Mapping) framework. This open sourced component is called Toplink Essentials. TopLink Essentials […]

SpringOne conference

Erik Kerkhoven

Op 15 en 16 juni aanstaande wordt de SpringOne conferentie gehouden in Antwerpen. Dit is de eerste Europese conferentie die specifiek op het Spring Framework betrekking heeft. Het evenement bestaat uit 40 sessies  (in vier parallele series). Deze sessies worden gepresenteerd door de core developers van Spring and andere beroemdheden. […]

Gratis Spring cursus

Erik Kerkhoven

NL-JUG maakte vandaag de mogelijkheid wereldkundig voor het volgen van een vier-avondse Spring training. Zie NL-JUG merkt op: “Samen met bijvoorbeeld Hibernate maakt Spring het programmeren weer leuk! Geen extra code schrijven of hoofdbrekers om je applicatie aan de praat te krijgen. Met Spring kan je sneller betere kwaliteit […]

Easy Ajax for Java

Erik Kerkhoven

I like to bring under your attention DWR – Easy Ajax for Java, a Java open source library created by Getahead. “Easy” is always good (like “free” is always good). The easiness of DWR is the principle that a Javascript method calls a server-side Java method: “It allows code in […]