Apache My Faces Trinidad: dynamically refreshing Non Trinidad components in a Partial Page Refresh ("AJAX")

Lucas Jellema 5

The Apache MyFaces Trinidad JSF implementation has a built in mechanism for AJAX style functionality, called Partial Page Rendering (or PPR). It basically entails allowing input components – such as InputText, SelectOneChoice and SelectManyCheckbox – and action components – such as buttons and action links – to initiate background, asynchronous […]

Using ADF BC Event Listeners to monitor data changes application wide through RSS Feeds and Monitor Pages

Lucas Jellema

ADF Business Components has a built mechanism of event-producers and listener-registration that allows for non-intrusive monitoring of data changes. At the level of Entity Objects, changes in one Entity Object instance can be communicated to other associated Entities. ViewObjects allow registration of RowSetListeners – objects that are notified of various […]

JDeveloper 11g: Contextually Linking the Stacked Bar Chart to an ADF Data Table – synchronize data component when clicking on chart

Lucas Jellema 3

One of the powerful features for creating rich pages, including dashboards, is the ability to refresh and synchronize data components on a page by clicking an element in a chart. With the description of the stacked bar chart in Getting those Rich Charts going – Introducing the ADF Faces Stacked […]

JavaOne 2007: Sun announces JavaFX

Arjaan Peree 2

Sun announced JavaFX on the JavaOne. It was previously known as F3 (Form Follows Function: http://blogs.sun.com/chrisoliver/) .  It is for creating visualy rich internet applications. Based on standard Java SE. My first reaction was: o oh, there goes Flex. There are already two big vendors in the market for RIA’s […]

Java Platform Debugger Architecture (JPDA) with Tomcat, OC4J, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and JDeveloper

With JPDA it is possible to propagate changes to compiled classes to the server immediately. This is very handy when you’re debugging your class files. With some older applications you have to restart your application server many times to make changes. With JPDA this is history. In this article I […]

Instant field conversion – Rapid Data entry and SMS Speak converter – using ADF Faces PPR with Customer JSF Converters

Lucas Jellema

While preparing for my paper Getting the most AJAX out of ADF Faces – Developing really rich web applications for the upcoming ODTUG 2007 Kaleidoscope conference, I dabbled a little deeper in various aspects of the declarative AJAX (partial page rendering) functionality in ADF Faces. I ran into a nice […]

Unit testing Javascripts in Java 6 – Getting started with the javax.script api

I intended to reduce the things I do with Javascript. But maybe Javascript isn’t that bad when you can run it inside java. I’m still working on a very ‘interesting’  project with asp and Javascript files. Since I didn’t create a single JUnit for two weeks I thought it was […]

EJB 3.0 Java Persistence API – "Refresh After Insert": Using EntityListeners to absorb the effects from Database Triggers

Lucas Jellema 4

While preparing an article for JDJ as well as a presentation for Oracle Open World next week, I finally got round to finding a proper solution for a challenge I set myself during the JavaPolis 2005 University presentation by Mike Keith on EJB 3.0 Java Persistence API: how do I […]