Manage JDeveloper external libraries

Aino Andriessen

Although JDeveloper provides loads of libraries out-of-the-box, you often need other libraries in your application. You can easily add these libraries via the project properties. This provides two options: ‘Add Library’ and ‘Add Jar / Directory’. We normally us the Add Library option because it allows to include the JavaDoc […]

OOW 2009: Experiences with Oracle WebCenter 11g: Implementing SOA with a User Interface

Lucas Jellema 3

  One of the sessions I am (co-)presenting at Oracle Open World 2009 is on ‘applying the concepts of SOA to and achieving the SOA objectives with User Interfaces’. What goes for SOA and typical programmatic (web)services can be applied to User Interface components to a large extent. Decoupling – […]

Creating a custom JSF 1.2 component – with facets, resource handling, events and listeners, valueExpression and methodExpression attributes

Lucas Jellema 4

I occasionally create custom JavaServer Faces components. Just enough to sort of remember what the steps are, but not nearly frequently enough to quickly put a new component together. This article demonstrates the quick step approach to creating a new custom component in the old fashioned way (that means: it […]

Report from presentation ‘JPA 2.0 – What’s new’

Emiel Paasschens

The Java Specification Request 317 (JSR-317) aka JavaTM Persistence 2.0,  (JPA 2.0) has finally reached the last stage, “Completion of Reference Implementation (RI) and Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK)”, before it’s officially released. Therefore last week a Knowledge Class was given at Amis with a presentation of the new functionality and […]

Using asynchronous mechanisms in Java and JavaScript for improving the user experience

Lucas Jellema

  In this article, we will continue a discussion on asynchronous processing started in a previous article that introduced asynchronous and parallel processing Java using Executors, Futures, Callable Objects and the underlying thread model in Java 5 and 6. While a stand alone Java application – without UI – is […]

SOA Suite 11g (TP4) – Create Mediator based SCA Composite Application from XSD – write to output file using File Adapter

Lucas Jellema 4

  A quick overview of you can create an SCA Composite Application that publishes a WebService interface, accepts SOAP Messages and write their contents to a file, appending a new record to the current contents. In the center of the composite sits a Mediator. Its interface is based on a […]

ADF 11g – reducing the price of richness or how to streamline downloading Javascript Resources for ADF 11g Rich Client components

Lucas Jellema 3

  When you run a ADF Faces 11g Rich Client components application, you (or rather your users) are hit with a substantial JavaScript download overhead. It is not surprising, given the richness of the component library. However, especially for internet applications targeted at external users – consumers, customers – it […]

JSF 2.0 and Servlet 3.0 Specifications – (almost) ready for take-off – What is new and exciting in Servlet 3.0?

Lucas Jellema

  2009 will be the year of JEE 6. Important specifications in the JEE 6 platform are Servlet and JavaServer Faces. JEE 6 will contain the Servlet 3.0 specification as well as the JSF 2.0 specification. Both are developed in the JCP. JSF 2.0 as JSR-314 (see: led by […]