Java Platform Debugger Architecture (JPDA) with Tomcat, OC4J, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and JDeveloper

With JPDA it is possible to propagate changes to compiled classes to the server immediately. This is very handy when you’re debugging your class files. With some older applications you have to restart your application server many times to make changes. With JPDA this is history. In this article I […]

How to trace a java application through a connection pool using DBMS_MONITOR

Much has been written on how to trace database sessions through a java application in all sort of different techniques. Since Oracle 10g a new technique is added to the tracing stack: DBMS_MONITOR. This blog briefly describes with code examples how you could use DBMS_MONITOR to trace database sessions via […]

Oracle Warehouse Builder

Maurik-Jan Veenman

Wauw! What a great presentation about Oracle Warehouse Builder tonight! At the end of the evening the presenter, Raymond de Vries, told me: ‘it was my first presentation for a KC (Knowledge Center), so i thought i’d better do my best!’ And that you did! First he gave us a good insight […]

Automatic continuous compilation of webforms on linux/unix

Automatic continuous compilation of webforms on linux without X-terminal In the webforms world you it is not uncommon to compile a webforms application on a linux/unix application server, after you’ve build a forms module on your Window development environment. Modules compiled on Windows typically will not run on another operating […]

ODTUG 2006 Conference Handouts/Presentations available

Lucas Jellema

Last night, the ODTUG 2006 Conference Committee announced that all handouts and presentations from this year’s (well, in fact that is last week’s) conference are available for download from the ODTUG website at Until August 1st, all material can be downloaded by the general public. After that date, you […]

ADF Faces for MyFaces is now called Trinidad

Earlier this year Oracle donated their JSF UI components from ADF Faces to the Apache Software Foundation. Since ADF is more than a set of UI components it was decided to rename the donation to “Trinidad”. The name Trinidad was chosen because it matches with the other JSF subproject called […]

Oracle Forms: Productivity with new choices

Matthieu de Graaf

Last Monday we had a KC meeting, where we discussed the latest features of Oracle Forms (OF). Basically these features break up into two categories: Oracle Forms Pl/Sql features Oracle Forms Java features   Oracle Forms ‘Native’ PlSql features.   The following Pl/Sql features were discussed Sortable blocksWith a simple […]