AMIS Query on WebService Security and Administration using the Oracle WebServices Manager – and sneak preview of the Enterprise Service Bus

Lucas Jellema

Service Oriented Architecture is the Architecture Design Pattern of today. Using standard WebService interfaces for functionality published by legacy applications to external consumers, we can easily reuse such functionality and even construct new processes from existing ‘services’. SOA is made possible by some important industry standards, such as SOAP WebServices, […]

Oracle Fusion

Aino Andriessen

As the world is moving to Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) companies are rebranding and consolidating their products into a complete, supportive and integrated platform. That’s where Oracle Fusion Middleware fits in. It will include: The application server products like the Application Server, Portal, Business intelligence, Integration and Identity Management Complementary […]

Implementing a Business Process in BPEL using Oracle BPEL 10g (beta 3) – GetSalesQuote leverages PL/SQL and WebServices

Lucas Jellema 1

Oracle BPEL PM is a tool that allows us to design and publish WebServices. The design is done in BPEL, the industry standard for specifying Business Processes. BPEL stands for Business Process Execution Language. BPEL is a language that contains variables, calls to external services and an often underestimated set […]

Publishing PL/SQL "Services" as WebService using Oracle BPEL

Lucas Jellema 9

Oracle BPEL Process Manager is a BPEL engine that runs in any J2EE Application Server, though typically Oracle 10gAS (OC4J), JBoss, WebLogic or WebSphere. Oracle BPEL PM publishes business processes in the form of WebServices. These business processes can be very complex BPEL definitions, composed of many steps, service invocations, […]