First steps with jWebSocket – open source Java framework for WebSockets – installation and running samples

Lucas Jellema 6

This month, In have been delving into Push architectures for the Web, looking into WebSockets among several other things. WebSockets, a fairly new standard (!) evolved along with HTML 5, specifies a communication protocol that provides an alternative to classic HTTP communication. WebSocket based interaction has lower overhead and – […]

Push based synchronized Slideshow demo application implemented using CometD and jQuery running on Tomcat

Lucas Jellema 2

In a string of recent articles, I have discussed downloading, installing and running demos for a number of different tools, frameworks and libraries that support push-style (web) applications in one way or another. I have looked into ‘classic’ comet with Grizzly, Atmosphere and CometD as well as ADF Active Data […]

Push-based synchronized slideshow web application – implemented using WebSockets and Kaazing WebSocket Gateway

Lucas Jellema 9

In the last few articles, I have discussed downloading, installing and running demos for a number of different tools, frameworks and libraries that support push-style (web) applications in one way or another. I have looked into ‘classic’ comet with Grizzly, Atmosphere and CometD as well as ADF Active Data Service […]

Getting Atmosphere – framework for Comet style communication – up and a first sample running on Tomcat

Lucas Jellema

Over the past weeks, I have been dabbling in Comet style, push-based, asynchronous communication enabling frameworks and libraries – including CometD, Atmosphere, Kaazing, jWebSocket, Grizzly and others. This short article will describe how I went about setting up Atmosphere on my local environment to the point that I could successfully […]

Preparing your environment for modern open source Java libraries and frameworks using Git and Maven, throwing in Tomcat as a bonus

Lucas Jellema 2

In my investigations into jWebWSockets, Kaazing, Atmosphere, CometD 2 and other frameworks I came to understand that in order to get these frameworks installed, integrate them into my custom applications or run the samples to go with these products, it would be convenient if not essential to have an environment […]

First experiences and getting started with GlassFish 3.1 and NetBeans 7.x – it's a breeze

Lucas Jellema 3

Several years back, AMIS selected GlassFish as its preferred Open Source J(2)EE Application Server, over for example JBoss. Some of the criteria at the time were: speed of implementation of new functionality and integration of JEE (being the reference implementatoin), ease of administration, enterprise quality, small yet rapidly growing market […]

Using the Oracle XMLDB Repository to Automatically Shred Windows Office Documents (Part 1)

Marco Gralike 7

People who have attended the UKOUG presentation this year where Mark Drake, Sr. Product Manager XML Technologies / XMLDB, Oracle HQ, and I demonstrated the first principles of the XDB Repository, might have been impressed with its (GEO/KML Spatial, Image EXIF info) capabilities combined with Google Earth. This post will […]

UKOUG 2011 – Drag, Drop and other Stuff. Using your Database as a File Server

Marco Gralike

Last Thuesday, Mark Drake, Senior Product Manager and I, delivered a good presentation during UKOUG in Birmingham about how to use your database, via XMLDB functionality, as a file server. The presentation demonstrated as well how you could extent the “standaard” file server (aka your database) functionality with features like, […]

The Future of Forms is ….. Forms (and some friends) (UKOUG, 2011 – with Grant Ronald)

Lucas Jellema 2

Slides for the presentation I did with Grant Ronald during UKOUG 2011, last week in Birmingham. The abstract for this presentation: “Many organizations run enterprise Oracle Forms applications created in the 90s. They now wonder about the future of their application.This session tells how modernization of the application landscape could […]

Implementing Web Services backed by a Database PL/SQL API using the Oracle Service Bus

Lucas Jellema 1

This article accompanies an article on the Architecture section of Oracle Technology Network (OTN): Implementing the Enterprise Service Bus Pattern to Expose Database Backed Services. It provides a detailed description of the implementation of the ESB architecture design pattern – the same that is introduced in the article on OTN […]

Oracle WebLogic 12c has been announced

Michel Schildmeijer

Yesterday I received the announcement of the new Oracle WebLogic 12c, on the 1st of December 2012. You can register for a webcast on So, what’s there to be expected. Personally I think WebLogic has been made Exalogic ready, according to Mike Lehmann, Director of Product Management for Oracle […]

Some WebLogic Administration Essentialsbook reviews

Michel Schildmeijer

Some people were asked to review my book, here are some links: Edwin Biemond Jurgen Kress Markus Eisele Frank Muntz

2 dagen seminar door Steven Feuerstein: Best of Oracle PL/SQL (8 en 9 december)

Robbrecht van Amerongen

In dit tweedaagse seminar neemt Steven Feuerstein je mee ver voorbij de basismogelijkheden van PL/SQL. Steven zal tijdens dit seminar de best practices behandelen die hij op tientallen plekken in de wereld heeft verzameld en die hij ook mede door zijn nauwe samenwerking met het PL/SQL product team van Oracle […]

Report from Oracle Open World – op maandag 17 oktober, 17.00 uur bij AMIS in Nieuwegein

Lucas Jellema

Het zal je niet zijn ontgaan dat vorige week in San Francisco Oracle Open World woedde. In een krappe week legde Oracle voor zo’n 45.000 bezoekers de strategie neer, de roadmap voor tientallen productlijnen en ook een serie nieuwe aankondigingen. De meest opvallende lanceringen: de Oracle Public Cloud, de Oracle […]

OGh bijeenkomst 4 oktober

Patrick Barel

Afgelopen dinsdag 4 oktober waren Andre van Winssen en ik de aangewezen personen om een presentatie bij de OGh te verzorgen. Andre vertelde in ongeveer een uur het een en ander over Application Contexts en het gebruik van DBMS Crypto. Een deel uit de masterclass die hij bij AMIS verzorgt. […]