JDAPI misteries

Harm Verschuren 5

After working some weeks with JDAPI strange features are emerging. JDAPI seems to be unable to save PLL modules! Trying this results in This module type does not currently support saving to filesystem exception. Compiling PLL modules seems also sort of “not supported” by the jdapi. An exception This module […]

Webforms Help page on OTN

Harm Verschuren

Here is an excellent web page about Oracle webforms. It covers the Forms Server, lots of general stuff, how to implement java (PJC and beans) in your webform and an excelent how-to for using the JDAPI (with a class diagram of the JDAPI package). The nice thing about this page […]

Eating your own dogfood – use of Oracle Development tools within the Oracle Applications development group

Lucas Jellema 17

During the Amsterdam stage of the Oracle Open World Tour, I had a great opportunity to interview John Wookey Senior Vice President, Applications Development at Oracle Corporation. John is very high up in one of the largest if not the largest application development shop based on Oracle technology in the […]

Oracle Open World

Leon van Tegelen 1

Today I visited Oracle Open World in Amsterdam, here are some of the points I picked up. In the “Oracle Application Server 10g Technical Overview” session David Keene gave an insight into the driving forces behind the AS 10g. Surprisingly this session was not so technical after all, but a […]