How Rownum can help you tune a Query

Alex Nuijten 3

Do you know what it sounds like when a production system comes to a grinding halt? It sounds like a telephone ringing. Actually it sounds like a dozen phones ringing at the same time. This is exactly what happened last week after an application upgrade. The release of the application […]

JHeadstart – Querying a Master for its Details – for example: search Departments with at least one Clerk

Lucas Jellema

JHeadstart can generate a number of powerful search facilities, such as the Quick Search widget and Advanced Search area. It supports several different serach operators such as contains, like, smaller and greater than, between, begins with, ends with etc. The Search Items can have associated select-lists , radio-groups and lists […]

Extend the JHeadstart Application Generator to generate optional attribute as required in the client

Lucas Jellema

This article serves two purposes: it extends the JHeadstart Application Generator to set UIX items to "required" based on a new custom Mandatory property – instead of driven from the Required property of the underlying Entity Object Attribute it illustrates how you can make simple extensions to the functionality of […]

Designer ERD as pdf

Anton Scheffer

An easy way to get your Designer ERD’s in a PDF-files is using PDFCreator. PDFCreator will install a new virtual printer. Using this printer to print your ERD in Designer puts your ERD into a PDF-file. Check the “Fit to Page” checkbox for best results. Anton