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2 Used port numbers by the Oracle OEM agent

This is definitly a post worthy as one of the members of the BAAG. The work was extensive (setup, config, install, checking) and afterwards the outcome could have been predicted, but I definitly know now what portnumbers are allocated by the Oracle Enterprise Manager Agent version for SUSE 9.2 ES Linux (I386, 32bit).

I was wondering what those portnumbers were. In a customer enviroment, which uses multiple segments between (V)LAN’s, firewall rules are being applied. So imagine multiple LAN’s within a company which are defined by different ranges and trafic between them are controlled by multiple firewall rules / settings.

My Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid control, version, must be able to contact it’s OEM agents on one off those different network segments. I could not get this working so I asked the responsible network administratorfor advise. He didn’t had the time for it, to setup and / or trace it properly; therefore left the problem for me to solve (‘it’s Oracle stuff anyway” – “aren’t you be able to read it somewhere in one of the Oracle manuals”). Long story short…

Which port numbers have to be defined in the firewall to enable traffic between the Oracle Management Server and the Oracle Enterprise Manager Agent?

3 DBConsole 11g (part 2) – Using the SQL Performance Analyzer

Now straight into the more interesting Oracle 11g features. Let’s start using the SQL performance Analyzer and doing so make use of Replay. The Performance section of the DBConsole utility has a link to Advisor Central. The Advisor Central has again two sections: The Checkers section and the Advisors section.

From the Advisor section you are able to click on the SQL Performance Analyzer link.

Here you can choose from three options. I will demonstrate the “Guided Workflow”, but before that I show you the screens of the “Optimizer Upgrade Simulation” and “Parameter Change” sections. The descriptions in the screenshots are self-explainable.

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