APEX: List of Values shared across various applications


When you are used to Designer 6.0 or up, you may be aware of shared or shareable components.  In ApEx Shared Components are available, too. One specific object that is worthwhile sharing is the List of Values, LOV for short. The LOV has been known since the early Forms versions […]

Do it yourself Transaction Recorder – when standard auditing is not available

Lucas Jellema

In the recently published blog article Database Transaction Recorder – Adding Who to When and What to make Flashback take over from Journalling tables (https://technology.amis.nl/blog/10911/database-transaction-recorder-adding-who-to-when-and-what-to-make-flashback-take-over-from-journalling-tables) I have discussed how the replacement in database oriented applications of journaling tables by flashback data archives can be completed by recording the transaction history […]

Adding a custom method in an ADF BC Service Interface – update of a single attribute in a selected row

Lucas Jellema 3

The article “Quickly creating, deploying and testing a WebService interface for ADF Business Components” (https://technology.amis.nl/blog/9726/quickly-creating-reploying-and-testing-a-webservice-interface-for-adf-business-components) that I recently published describes a way of very rapidly creating the HRService Web Service – an ADF BC driven WebService on top of the EmployeesView ViewObject that exposes the EMPLOYEES table in the HR […]

Querying ISO Country names and codes from SQL – exposing standard domains based on dynamic internet retrieval

Lucas Jellema 1

The other day, I came across a press release – www.iso.org/iso/pressrelease.htm?refid=Ref1383 – from the ISO organization, announcing that they had issued new country codes for the islands in the Dutch West Indies to reflect their new administrative status following constitutional reform by the government of the Netherlands. It struck me […]

Obtain a BPEL process model out of a history log

Marcel van de Glind 1

In this post I will describe how to obtain a BPEL process model out of the history log of a proprietary workflow application. This post is related to the ‘Workflow net to BPEL 1.1 manual’ of Kristian Bisgaard Lassen M. sc. (march 2007). Point of departure The following picture illustrates […]

Monitoring availability Admin and managed servers in WebLogic 11g

Michel Schildmeijer

Here an simple example how to monitor if your AdminServer and managed servers are up and running with WLST Run it with $WL_HOME/ common/bin/wlst.sh -loadProperties <property_file> <script_name>    ($WL_HOME is the location of your WebLogic server directory, like /opt/oracle/Middleware/wlserver_10.3) Property file(properties.py): admin_server=<name adminserver> admin_server_port= wluser=weblogic wlpassword=<password> clustername=[name] domain=<domain_name>   script: import […]

Handling Complex XML Schemas

Marco Gralike

Currently sitting in at Sam Iducula, Consulting member of the tech. staff and Mark Drake, Sr. Product Manager for Oracle XML DB. Before getting into the more in-depth topics Sam explained XML schema usage, for validation via XML schema validators like for example XML Spy or JDeveloper. This is currently […]

AMIS presenteert "Verslag van Oracle Open World en Java One 2010'

Lucas Jellema

Voor het vijfde achtereenvolgende jaar organiseert AMIS deze openbare bijeenkomst waarin uitgebreid verslag wordt gedaan van de belangrijkste conferenties van het jaar: Oracle Open World en JavaOne. Op woensdag 6 oktober openen we vanaf 16.30 uur de deuren en start om 17.00 de presentatie door de vijf AMIS-medewerkers die dit […]

More than five years later – we are finally there: Larry Elison announcing Fusion Applications

Lucas Jellema

Larry Ellison: We set out to deliver the next generation of business applications. Our task: Take all of the best features from Oracle’s major application products – including E Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Siebel and JDEdwards. Rebuild them, on top of modern middleware infrasructure, all written in Java. It took us […]

Larry Ellison – Opening Keynote of Oracle Open World 2010 – announcing Exalogic, the cloud in a box.

Lucas Jellema 1

The first major keynote of this year’s Oracle Open World conference was last night – Larry Ellison announcing the Oracle Exalogic machine, the “cloud in a box”. A high end machine that is meant for consolidation (through virtualization) of many applications on a single piece of highly optimized infrastructure.