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0 OOW2K6 – Newbie impressions…

It’s amazing how much Lucas already put to “paper”, despite all the mishaps we already encountered. The last two days I lost track on Lucas because he has completely different interests / agenda, and of course he also has to prepare for his sessions as a speaker.

Anyway here’s my input to all the great posts on the web already done (have a look at for most of them). As pointed out a time ago, my main interest is XML DB. Beside those sessions, I will also pinpoint some on performance, Oracle Content Directory and Open Source speeches, like those on Linux and PHP (future directions). These are old interests with whom I try to keep up, but can’t spend so much time on as in the past, because XML DB forces me to read and learn about stuff I put aside me a long time ago, or in other words neglected, for instance object (orientated) relational objects.

As a newbie (so I am fitting the profile) on this conference, I already missed apparently some important keynotes, but reading the posts of others today, I also realized that this makes my life a little bit easier, because it is now out in the open and I can address them, to a certain point, by name (11g).

See the following:

I will try to make my impressions, as a newbie, a little bit more colorful (pictures!), because I really enjoyed the posts made by my colleague Alex, on one of the last ODTUG meetings in the States where he spoke and attended…

3 Oracle Open World 2006 – Almost there…

It’s almost Friday, a day before our flight. Lucas and I will be off to San Francisco on Saturday morning. Lucas will give some lectures on OOW 2006; I will mostly be pinpointing on XML (DB). On the side, I will try to consume some great lectures on performance (Tom Kyte, Jonathan Lewis, among others), try to see a little from San Francisco and enjoy the OOW 2006 atmosphere. The temperature over there will be on average 24° Celsius with a lot of sunshine.

I have mixed feelings about the event…

3 With double quotes (almost) everything goes…

After you have read the blog posts the websites of Sergio Leunissen, Eddie Awad or the “Ask Mr. Ed” website, you may wonder, if that was all you could do with those “magic” double quotes…
Probably not, I know of at least one other neat “trick” you can do with it…

Ever tried the following?

SQL> create user “=:Marco:=” identified by “Username is Invalid”;

You won’t make life easy though, because now you will have to use the double quotes to login as follows:

5 Solving VMware network problems on Linux VMware guests

When you use VMware Server software to move or clone VMware Linux guest machines, you are asked by the VMware software if it should update the configuration file. When updating the configuration file, as requested by the software, your once working network settings won’t work anymore.

The following will help you to get on your way resolving these network problems, caused by MAC addresses, which are now out of sync…

0 Oracle 10.2 EE on SUSE 10 ES

I signed up a while ago for the SUSE Cool Solutions mailling list and I saw a very good step-by-step from Michel Bluteau regarding “Installing Oracle 10g R2 Database on SLES 10”. Although it is not yet a supported environment; it is very good post on how to install Oracle on SUSE Linux.

7 And off you go AMIS started 11gR1 Beta 1 testing

AMIS has been proven worthy to test the upcoming release of the 11gR1 database. After entering a lot of data in questionnaires and filling in project plans, AMIS got the approval to enter the test program. Last night I had my first 11gR1 (standard demo install) database installed on RedHat ES 3 and I must say;

It went like a breeze.

5 Mastering XML DB – COUNT and SUM

Working for years with Oracle’s relational environment, XML DB is a completely different kind of beast. You’re confronted with all the languages and techniques the XML environment has to offer – XML, XML Schema, XSLT, Xpath, DTD, DOM, SAX, etc,etc,etc – plus the ones you know from Oracle’s (object) relational (database) world – SQL, PL/SQL, java, OCI, java, etc.

I am currently working for a customer, who implemented the XML DB functionality in a new system. The total amount of XML data is roundabout 200 Gb. The XML data is split-up in 4 tables, 2 tables containing an XMLType column (XML Schema based, CLOB storage) and 2 XMLType tables (XML Schema based, Object Relational storage).

Some XML documents are more than 200 pages printed data and fairly complex in their structure , sometimes as big as 3 to 4 Mb. So it’s a real challenge to get the data you want, in a decent time period. Even simple questions like “give me a count of…�? or “summerize the following numbers…�? can be tricky if you are dealing with complextype constructions/elements. Usage of COUNT and SUM can be tricky in an XML environment.

The following will give you more insight in Oracle SQL/XPath solutions and the need for a clear understanding of your XML Schema’s and the solutions presented by the Oracle database.

2 Just before X-mas

On the 7th of December, I, a database administrator, had a seminar from Mr. Chris Date about “Relational Remodeled” (into…

1 KC SDPL planning

In the next 6 to 12 months Knowledge Center Server Development & Programming Languages intends to deal with the themes…