ADF 11g – reducing the price of richness or how to streamline downloading Javascript Resources for ADF 11g Rich Client components

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  When you run a ADF Faces 11g Rich Client components application, you (or rather your users) are hit with a substantial JavaScript download overhead. It is not surprising, given the richness of the component library. However, especially for internet applications targeted at external users – consumers, customers – it […]

JSF 2.0 and Servlet 3.0 Specifications – (almost) ready for take-off – What is new and exciting in Servlet 3.0?

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  2009 will be the year of JEE 6. Important specifications in the JEE 6 platform are Servlet and JavaServer Faces. JEE 6 will contain the Servlet 3.0 specification as well as the JSF 2.0 specification. Both are developed in the JCP. JSF 2.0 as JSR-314 (see: led by […]

ADF 11g – Use the Change(d) Indicator to make AJAX originated value refresh explicit to the user

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  ADF 11g Rich Client Components have a facility called the Change(d) Indicator. The changed attribute is specified using a Boolean value or expression (typically the latter). When the expression evaluates to true, a visual indication is rendered on the component that signifies to the user that the item’s value […]

Intercept Hide/Show column event

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  When we wrap a rich table in a panelcollection component, we get some interesting additional functionality. This includes the ability for the end user to hide and display columns. It may be useful to intercept that column hide/show event – for example to influence the query that is executed […]

Context Sensitive Resource Bundle entries in JavaServer Faces applications – going beyond plain language, region & variant locales

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  We were faced by an interesting challenge: our JSF application should display boilerplate text – titles, button labels, prompt, error messages, tool tips etc, – in a context sensitive way. Not just by language, region and variant – the well known dimensions along which the standard JSF and Java […]

Migrating the ADF 10g Hierarchical Table Report to JDeveloper & ADF Trinidad and onwards to 11g (RichFaces)

Lucas Jellema

  In a recent article, I discussed how to create a fairly structured hierarchical report – table style – using ADF 10g not-so-rich Faces – see creating-a-read-only-hierarchical-table-report-with-adf-10g. The temptation is very large to open the project from that article in JDeveloper 11g and see what I can do with the […]

ADF 11g RichFaces: implementing a 'pick which columns to show & hide' feature for RichTables

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  Just over two years ago I wrote an article on this blog – integrating-adf-faces-and-myfaces-tomahawk-creating-a-popup-with-adf-faces-shuttle-component (supported by Changing the order of columns in a JSF Table Component -in the client, at run-time, by the end user and having-the-end-user-hide-and-display-columns-in-a-jsf-table-component) – on how to implement functionality in ADF 10g applications that allowed […]

Publishing resources exposed by ADF Data Control in RESTful services using RestLet and JDeveloper 11g

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The previous two articles on RESTful services using RestLet and developing in JDeveloper 11g – First Steps with RestLet 1.1RC2 in JDeveloper 11g – restful services 101 and Extending the RestLet application with support for POST/PUT to create and update Resources – used a static data set as source for […]

The AMIS team reports from Oracle Open World – big and small announcements, guidance and tips

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Last night, the AMIS crew that visited the Oracle Open World conference reported their findings in a 3.5 hour session. In segments on SOA & BPM, Middleware, Database, Oracle Applications (AIA) and Development technology, we presented the highlights from close to 1900 sessions – no small feat. And utterly incomplete […]

Oracle Application Test Suite – for functional and load/stress testing of Web Applications (including Applets) & Web Services

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A recent acquisition by Oracle involved a company called Empirix, that sold its e-Test Suite product to Oracle. Oracle is now integrating this product with Enterprise Manager, under the new Oracle Application Testing Suite label. The e-Test Suite is used for functional – black box – testing of Web Applications […]