Talk on Open Source Databases

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Thursday the 7th of October a presentation was given on Open Source databases during an Amis (Server Development and Programming Languages) Knowledge Center meeting. The aim was to present a survey on Open Source databases and to make a comparison with commercial databases, in particular Oracle, of course.

Introduction to Analytical Functions – Use of Analytics as alternative for Simple Aggregations

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I will attempt to introduce analytical functions in a step-by-step manner. A first step into Analytical country could be the following, starting from a very simple aggregation query, exploring several types of aggregations that are increasingly complex and increasingly impossible to implement without analytics (at least in a efficient, performant […]

Eating your own dogfood – use of Oracle Development tools within the Oracle Applications development group

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During the Amsterdam stage of the Oracle Open World Tour, I had a great opportunity to interview John Wookey Senior Vice President, Applications Development at Oracle Corporation. John is very high up in one of the largest if not the largest application development shop based on Oracle technology in the […]

New Oracle JDBC driver

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After getting a weird NullPointerException using Transaction.commit() in Hibernate during an insert (eventually calling PreparedStatement.clearParameters() which was the source of the exception), it turned out that the JDBC driver in classes12.jar is outdated, and will not work on JDK1.4 and an Oracle 10g database. Download the new drivers here to […]

Hibernate kickstart

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A quick’n dirty tutorial-by-example for Hibernate: (Using one table, an Oracle9+ database and Hibernate2) 1) download the Hibernate distribution 2) put these jarfiles in /WEB-INF/lib: hibernate2.jar (hibernate core) cglib-full-2.0.2.jar (runtime class-enhancing) dom4j-1.4.jar (xml reading) ehcache-0.9.jar (objectcache) c3p0- (connectionpool) jta.jar (transactions)

PLDoc release 0.8.2 Available

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At 21st July 2004, release 0.8.2 of the PLDoc open source project for generating JavaDoc style documentation for PL/SQL Code (and now also Tables and Views) was published. PLDoc is very useful for producing high quality and standardized PL/SQL Documentation. It is good to see how active this project is! […]