Registering non-default XMLDB HTTP/WebDAV and FTP ports on a non-default Oracle Listener port

Marco Gralike 5

Yesterday, I had to install XMLDB on an already very heavy used system. On this UNIX system, an old Oracle IAS is installed, OAS 10g (version 9.0.4) and an Oracle database. So in terms of used port numbers, it is a very crowded system. The Oracle listener was split-up by me in two different listeners. I defined a version 9 environment and a version 10 environment. I setup a TNS directory via setting the TNS_ADMIN variable in every profile. It makes stuff more complex, in the context of configuring, but it also centralizes all the SQL*Net information and configuration files on a default spot. By the way, I don’t make use of Oracle Names.

Configure sendmail to forward all mails

admin 6

Go to /etc/mail/ and look in the file. Uncomment and change the entry define(`SMART_HOST’,`’). Additional info: The is generally considered to be too difficult to be changed by hand. Therefore a set of macros have been defined to ease this task. In order to be able to use […]