Java Platform Debugger Architecture (JPDA) with Tomcat, OC4J, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and JDeveloper

With JPDA it is possible to propagate changes to compiled classes to the server immediately. This is very handy when you’re debugging your class files. With some older applications you have to restart your application server many times to make changes. With JPDA this is history. In this article I […]

KC SDPL – InterConnect Pagoni

Harm Verschuren

Interessante sessie over hoe Interconnect gebruikt wordt op een project voor een klant van Amis. Hier staat de presentatie en de source files De conclusies: iStudio is geen multi-user tool, gezien de foutmeldingen etc. Vaak – na elke handeling – het project reloaden lijkt het motto. blijkbaar is er niet […]

SOA and Email in action – Starting a BPEL process instance by sending an email with XML content- on decoupled interaction between web-site and back office

Lucas Jellema 6

In what is to become a series of articles illustrating a full blown business case for a Conference Registration Processing process implemented using Oracle BPEL PM, this is the third installment, discussing how the BPEL Process Instance can be fired off upon reception of an email. The idea is that […]

More JFall highlights: MDA and OCL, Java and scripting, Project Jackpot and the XP Game.

Rob van Maris 1

From last week’s JFall conference I picked four of the most interesting sessions I visited to report on:

  • Combining the Power of MDA and OCL: Generating Java Code from OCL (and UML) Models – Jos Warmer
  • Scripting in Java – Martin Wolf
  • Project Jackpot: Refactoring on Steroids – Wilfred Springer
  • XP Game – Martien van Steenbergen