Oracle Diagnostics Logging (ODL) for application development

Aino Andriessen 1

Logging is a very important aspect of application development as it offers run-time access to the behaviour and data of the application. It’s important for debugging purposes but also to investigate exception situations on production. The Java developer has a choice between logging frameworks but Log4J is probably the most […]

Compliments; Instant productivity improvement for software teams, with a small effort….

Hello, you project manager/team leader. I expected this title to grasp your attention. Would you like to know how to improve the performance of your team members?  This can be done without massive statistics or an expensive performance improvement program. This magic pill is called positive feedback. Just give your […]

An Evening with Oracle Database Security Expert: Pete Finnigan

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AMIS Technology School is proud to present, in collaboration with Miracle Benelux Masterclasses: An Evening with Oracle Database Security Expert: Pete Finnigan on Tuesday 25th of May, 2010. Miracle Benelux and Pete Finnigan agreed to do an extra special on the AMIS premises the evening just before Pete’s 2 day […]

Oracle Enhances XBRL Reporting Capabilities with UBmatrix, Inc.

Marco Gralike

Oracle posted a press release about their involvement and commitment for UBMatrix XBRL technologies last Wednesday saying (among others):

“To help publicly held companies facilitate the preparation, publishing and automatic exchange of financial statements in XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language), Oracle will embed UBmatrix, Inc.’s leading XBRL technology into Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) System, Oracle announced today.”

“Oracle and UBmatrix are also working together to provide enterprise class storage and management for XBRL-based information in Oracle® Database 11g. Using Oracle Database’s XML DB feature, organizations can easily and quickly store, access and query their XBRL data.”

A lot of you might ask themselves: “Who are or what is UBMatrix ???” and how does it all fit in…


Enhancing fast queries using "Tapio-Indexes"

Gerwin Hendriksen

During the years I have a lot of times encountered performance problems that ended up to be fast queries (less than 10ms) which are executed very much. In these situations the execution plans, from such queries can look like:   OPERATION            OPTIONS                 OBJECT# NAME                         ——————– ——————– ———- ———————————– SELECT STATEMENT                                     […]

Schrijf je in voor de ODTUG Sneak Preview op 15 juni 2009!

Michiel Jonkers

Op maandag 15 juni 2009, een week voordat in Monterey de ODTUG 2009 plaats vindt, heb je de mogelijkheid om alvast te horen wat negen sprekers in de VS gaan presenteren, onder hen twee Oracle Aces en twee Oracle ACE directors.   Aino Andriessen (AMIS Services) – ADF Development: More tales from the Trenches Lonneke Dikmans (Approach Alliance) – […]

AMIS Query 18 Mei – Een Terugblik op Hotsos 2009

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Begin maart 2009 werd in Irving, Texas, het internationale Oracle Performance Symposium Hotsos gehouden. Ook dit jaar stond het symposium garant voor inhoudelijke hoogstaande presentaties en discussies over performance. Vier Nederlanders, Jeroen Evers (Fameus), Toon Koppelaars (RuleGen), Gerwin Hendriksen (AMIS) en Marco Gralike (AMIS), hadden het genoegen om ter plekke te […]

The "X" Product – An X(ML) Database Opportunity?

Marco Gralike 2

“Exadata – Extreme Performance Warehousing“, that’s how the presentation on the last Friday morning from Oracle Open World started (Orig. Presentation Title was “Oracle’s New Database Accelerator: Query Processing Revolutionized”) while speaking about the new database machine. And indeed it was a revolution and it took the blogosphere by night. […]

Oracle Workflow, a brief introduction – Part 1 Setting up an environment

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Maybe the following question will arise after reading the title: Oracle Workflow isn’t that obsolete technology? The answer can be very short: Yes it is. (Read the SOD on it’s still interesting enough to dive into it. Oracle Workflow is heavy used in the E-Business Suite and also used […]

Extreme performance introduced by patchset smart scan

Gerwin Hendriksen

Larry yesterday did his keynote here at Oracle Open World introducing the “Oracle(R) Exadata Storage Server”. This morning I attended a session about the technical details behind the server. In principal the server works with 8 nodes running RAC on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5. For the storage management ASM is […]