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After my last automatic update on Windows XP, suddenly Internet Explorer 7.0 was installed instead of IE6. From that moment on, I had some problems when I wanted to start an Oracle EBS 11i session…
I decided to uninstall IE7. After the uninstall, IE6 returned….But also my ‘install updates’ icon !!! Windows wants to install IE7 again. On Metalink I found the following tool from Microsoft. It’s a IE7 blocking tool, so the automatic updates are installed, but IE7 is not.
Download the exe form the following site ….

After installing the .exe, 4 files are placed on your computer.
When executing the IE70Blocker.cmd, a new registry key is created which prevents IE7 from being installed by the next automatic update…
From the command prompt

C:\>IE70Blocker /B

Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Blocking deployment of Internet Explorer 7.0 on the local machine
The operation completed successfully

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  1. Is another option not to visit the Windows Update Website and removed IE7 from the list of updates offered?

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