Customer Case: New Server Infrastructure Halves Server Process Time


Recently I was analyzing and troubleshooting the performance of an ADF application. Much was already improved before I came. Due to a very recent new hardware/infrastructure environment, the server and database process time was nearly 50% faster after migration. In this blog I want to show you the impact it had on the total server process time of HTTP requests. Such a sudden improvement is visible in the ADF Performance Monitor in a glance, and in Week and Month trend analysis overviews. Maybe you need to investigate your hardware/infrastructure as well, and consider an upgrade; if your hardware/infrastructure is relatively old, if your machines are full, or if virtualization software is not implemented efficiently.

New Hardware Change

Last week, on Wednesday the 6th of March, new hardware was implemented with SSD drives, and fresh installations of VM software were installed on the servers where the ADF application and databases were running on. After analysis of the performance metrics in the ADF Performance Monitor, we can conclude that the server and database process times were nearly 50% faster! This is not the first time I see this, so I decided to write on how important a modern, fast infrastructure is for ADF applications.

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About Author

Frank Houweling is an Oracle ADF, Java and performance specialist. During the past years he has been requested several times as troubleshooter of ADF projects with bad performance. As such he has been performing performance analysis, bottleneck detection and developing mitigating solutions based on these analysis. He is also the creator of the ADF Performance Monitor, an advanced monitor that can identify, report and help solve performance bottlenecks in ADF applications.

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