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In a recent article I discussed how to programmatically fetch a JSON document with information about sessions at Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne 2017. Yesterday, slidedecks for these sessions started to become available. I have analyzed how the link to these downloads were included in the JSON data returned by the API. Then I created simple Node programs to tweet about each of the sessions for which the download became available


and to download the file to my local file system.


I added provisions to space out the tweets and the download activity over time – as to not burden the backend of the web site and to not be kicked off Twitter for being a robot.

The code I crafted is not particularly ingenuous – it was created rather hastily in order to share with the OOW17 and JavaOne communities the links for downloading slide decks from presentations at both conferences. I used npm modules twit and download. This code can be found on GitHub:

The documents javaone2017-sessions-catalog.json and oow2017-sessions-catalog.json contain details on all sessions – including the URLs for downloading slides.


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Lucas Jellema, active in IT (and with Oracle) since 1994. Oracle ACE Director and Oracle Developer Champion. Solution architect and developer on diverse areas including SQL, JavaScript, Kubernetes & Docker, Machine Learning, Java, SOA and microservices, events in various shapes and forms and many other things. Author of the Oracle Press book Oracle SOA Suite 12c Handbook. Frequent presenter on user groups and community events and conferences such as JavaOne, Oracle Code, CodeOne, NLJUG JFall and Oracle OpenWorld.


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      I have added a dummy twitterconfig module. You need to provide your own Twitter app details in that module.
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