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Last week Oracle announced  the Oracle Cloud Machine. This solution enables organizations to reap all the full advantages of the Oracle Cloud products within the walls of their own datacenter. This way oracle delivers on the promise of “private cloud”  the notion of a cloud behind your own firewall with all the benefits of public cloud services without the need to send your data over the Internet to a public cloud service. “Too many customers were asking for this kind of solution”, according to Oracle.

This solution will make it possible to host all your Oracle and Java applications on a cloud based platform with the advantages of cloud based infrastructure and the benefits of having this platform running inside your own private data center.  However we are still limited to Oracle based products.  So how about Microsoft based applications such as applications like SharePoint and Office 365? Recently Microsoft announced to run SQLServer on Lunix. This is an amazing development and first step into full interoperable cloud solutions. But there is one more thing… As of today we announce the next step in private cloud offerings.  Today we announce the next step in fully interoperable cloud computing. The Cloud on Cloud implemented by Oracle: The Oracle Microsoft Azure Private Cloud Machine. Or OMAPCM for short.

The Oracle Microsoft Azure Private Cloud Machine

In this modern world many organizations follow a multi-cloud strategy to keep all options open. Even when your organization is still confined to your own datacenter you are now able to strive a this multi-cloud strategy with both Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure Cloud!. Both form your own  private datacenter. And you can switch within a minute, with just one click of a button!. Run Microsoft Azure as multi-tenant hosts on the Oracle Cloud Machine or run Oracle Cloud in multi-tenant mode on the Private Azure Cloud machine.  All this fully managed provided with premium support on Oracle Exalogic hardware.

The next step in digital disruption is Cloud on Cloud. So we are basically creating a world where all cloud platforms are interchangeable within the secure environment of your own datacenter. This is the next step in cloud platforms where it becomes fully transparent where you run your private cloud infrastructure. Customers who use the Oracle Microsoft Azure Private Cloud Machine will experience a substantial disruption in their competitive advantages and cost structure.

Best of both worlds

The Oracle Microsoft Azure Private Cloud Machine offers the best of both worlds. This way you can implement a Win-Win strategy by selecting Best of Breed solutions from both worlds. Like using the Windows Event Manager to process the monitoring events from Oracle Enterprise Manager. Also offering a fully integrated  Microsoft Cortana commands to control both Windows Server and Oracle Linux. This way you can verbally orchestrate and provision your software define network by just telling your Oracle Azure Cloud Control center to “Set up a load balanced horizontal multi node cluster with firewall access to port 80 and 433 and port forwarding and active-active Golden Gate configuration.” And Cortana will take care off the rest. Wow!

Third dimension on scalability: horizontal, vertical and diagonal

Next to the standard scaling capabilities like Horizontal (more nodes ) and Vertical  (more power ) scaling we now offer diagonal scaling. With diagonal scaling you can initiate a complete new cloud platform in your private cloud data center.  With diagonal scaling you can spin up a an Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure on top of your Oracle Cloud infrastructure (or the other way around, hence diagonal scaling). And all of this with one click of a button!!

Multi-tenant Oracle Clouds on Microsoft Azure

Multi-tenant Oracle Clouds running on top of Microsoft Azure. The Oracle Microsoft Azure Private Cloud Machine.


Multi-tenant Azure Clouds running on top of Oracle Cloud The Oracle Microsoft Azure Private Cloud Machine.

Multi-tenant Microsoft Azure Clouds running on top of the Oracle Cloud.   The Oracle Microsoft Azure Private Cloud Machine.


Fully Managed Multi-tenant Leapfrog support

Of course the Oracle Microsoft Azure Cloud Machine comes with a fully managed support solution for both the Oracle Cloud Machine control panel and the Microsoft Azure Cloud Control Center.  You do not have to worry about security patching, lifecycle management and upgrades. For both the Microsoft Azure Cloud and the Oracle Cloud Machine. Both cloud packages are fully supported via  Premium Full Managed Multi Cloud Leapfrog Support™. To leverage  cost efficient and solution effective support both Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud have signed a mutual support agreement for the Oracle Microsoft Azure Private Cloud Machine as a combined leapfrog 24/7 support service. On even days you can contact Oracle Support and on odd days your support questions will be handled by Microsoft Azure support.

Customers are ecstatic about this cloud innovation

AMIS has  been experimenting with the Oracle Microsoft Azure Private Cloud Machine for the past year in a heavily NDA compliant Beta test program.  The senior technical management of AMIS has found a significant number of advantages of this new and breakthrough cloud solutions.  At this time we are permitted to publish a limited number of the most prominent features of the Oracle Microsoft Azure Private Cloud Machine.  At first Microsoft was able to map all Microsoft Azure Cloud error messages to ORA-XXX codes. This means that an Oracle DevOps Engineer is able to seamlessly  map Azure errors within their own Oracle Context. This makes DevOps engineers between Oracle and Azure cloud completely transparent. Secondly the Oracle Cloud team was able to integrate Microsoft Clippy support on the Oracle Cloud Control Center. When the cloud DevOps engineer is sitting idle for 5 minutes “Clippy” pops up asking you “Hey there… I notice you are trying to set up a cloud instance… please click on me to let me help you..”.  Several architectural models of this solution offer a multi-tenant cloud solution for multiple Microsoft Azure cloud instances on Oracle Cloud or multiple instances of Oracle Cloud on Microsoft azure. This makes architectural cloud decisions rather easy since all options are open.

Flat Fee license model

Another major advantage of the Oracle Microsoft Azure Private Cloud Machine is the license model. Since you are using all components of both Azure and Oracle cloud both companies have combined this to a flat fee license model for the Oracle Microsoft Azure Private Cloud Machine. For this Oracle and Microsoft has jointly developed a cloud credits model called the MicrOra currency. One  MicrOra  is an equivalent of 2,43 Bitcoin. And the usage of the Oracle Microsoft Azure Private Cloud Machine will have a financial consequence of 50 MicOra per hour per Virtual CPU. This makes the financial, legal and license compliance consequences of this solution completely transparent.

Insight in roadmap for the Oracle Microsoft Azure Private Cloud Machine

For the past weeks we had numerous calls with both Microsoft and Oracle about this innovative Cloud solution. Both companies shed some light on the roadmap for this ingenious solution. For the next fiscal year both companies announced the following plans: Inter-Cloud Hybrid Cloud connection between the Oracle Microsoft Azure Private Cloud Machine with seamless connection with the off-site Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure Cloud machine.  Next step is the offering to completely virtualize the Oracle Microsoft Azure Private Cloud Machine and run this inside a Docker Container on any cloud platform of your choosing. The first version will only support Amazon AWS, other cloud providers will follow.  And for the next release the cloud platform will offer full support for Puppet, Chef, Vagrant and Ansible.

The Oracle Microsoft Azure Private Cloud Machine.

The Oracle Microsoft Azure Private Cloud Machine.

At the moment we are working on real life examples and best practices on this innovative solution and are planning several web conferences in the upcoming month to demonstrate the advantages in real life. We hope you are just as enthusiastic about this powerful collaboration and next step in private cloud infrastructure.

Join the next step: Cloud on Cloud.. ! Clouds Rules!!!

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