ADF Performance Monitor: New Whitepaper Published


The AMIS ADF Performance Monitor is an application performance management tool (APM) tool that really understands Oracle ADF applications. Web applications often contain frustrating blind spots and mysterious, recurring problems that are often difficult to identify, diagnose, and fix. The ADF Performance Monitor helps enterprises by delivering insight into real end-user experiences. It helps development, QA teams and administrators detect, analyze and resolve common and less common issues in response times and resource usage of ADF applications.
This blog publishes a new whitepaper that gives detailed information about the architecture and implementation of the ADF Performance Monitor.

The first version of this monitor (ADF 10g version) was already released in 2009. Since then many new versions have been released. The monitor supports all ADF versions (ADF 10g, ADF11g R1/R2 , ADF 12C). Recently the monitor has been improved with many new useful  features like network time, browser load time, support for EJB/JPA (implemented with EclipseLink), POJO Java based DataControls, JAX-WS webservices, e.g.

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New whitepaper published

The contents of the whitepaper are:

Contents ADF Performance Monitor Whitepaper


















You can download the whitepaper here.


More information

You can get more information on the ADF Performance Monitor website at A one month trial version is available on demand here.

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ADF Callstack



ADF Performance Monitor - Time Spent in Layer





About Author

Frank Houweling is an Oracle ADF, Java and performance specialist. During the past years he has been requested several times as troubleshooter of ADF projects with bad performance. As such he has been performing performance analysis, bottleneck detection and developing mitigating solutions based on these analysis. He is also the creator of the ADF Performance Monitor, an advanced monitor that can identify, report and help solve performance bottlenecks in ADF applications.

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