Instrumenting, Analysing, & Tuning the Performance of Oracle ADF Applications

Frank Houweling

Last week I presented at the  UKOUG’14 conference on instrumenting, analyzing, & tuning the performance of Oracle ADF applications. Instrumentation refers to an ability to monitor or measure the level of a product’s performance, to diagnose errors and to write trace information. Instrumenting gives visibility and insight of what is happening inside the ADF application and in the ADF framework (what methods and queries are executed, when and how often). These runtime diagnostics can be very effective in identifying and solving performance issues and end-user behavior. This enables developers and operations teams to quickly diagnose and solve performance problems in a test and production environment. This blog posts the slides from this session. It  shows how you can instrument your own ADF application and build your own performance monitor.



Why is instrumentation important?

  • Many applications are like a smoke screen; it is very unclear what is happening in the background. Where should we look for bottlenecks ?
  • End-users do not accept slow applications anymore
  • Operation teams and developers need visibility:
    • Are response times within SLA agreements?
    • What are the exact pain-points and weakest links of the ADF application ?
    • Are there errors? What type/severity of errors?

The Agenda of this session:

  • What is instrumentation
  • Why instrumentation is important
  • Cost of tracking
  • Analyzing and tuning
  • Oracle ODL Analyzer
  • Build your own performance monitor
    • What you can instrument – Not ADF specific
    • What you can instrument – ADF specific
    • Five examples how you can instrumentation key spots in ADF applications
      • Instrumenting HTTP Request
      • Instrumenting Errors / Exceptions
      • Instrumenting ADF Business Components
      • Instrumenting JVM memory consumption
      • Instrumenting  ApplicationModule pooling (activation and passivation)

You can download the slides: Instrumenting, Analysing, & Tuning the Performance of Oracle ADF Applications.


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