My OOW Schedule

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These are sessions I will try to follown at OOW 2011.

Tuesday I will be present at the Oracle Publishers and Writers seminar.

More is yet to come!

09105  –  Oracle Exadata/Oracle Exalogic: The Magic Wand for the Aging Application Infrastructure,”

28661  –  Web Architecture Introduction, Overview, and Agenda,”10/2/11″,”12:00″,”10/2/11″,”12:30″,”Moscone West – 2012-“
09066  –  Oracle SOA Suite: Supporting Changing Market Demands,”10/2/11″,”13:00″,”10/2/11″,”13:45″,”Moscone West – 2001″
32180  –  Oracle OpenWorld Welcome Keynote,”10/2/11″,”17:30″,”10/2/11″,”19:00″,”Moscone North – Hall D”
32181  –  Oracle OpenWorld Keynote: Oracle and EMC,”10/3/11″,”8:00″,”10/3/11″,”10:00″,”Moscone North – Hall D”
33680  –  Engaging the Digital Consumer: Leveraging Data for Greater Product Relevance/…,”10/3/11″,”11:00″,”10/3/11″,”12:00″,”Novellus Theater”
09491  –  Oracle WebLogic Server Application Security: Implementing the Superstition in Oracle JDeveloper,”10/3/11″,”12:30″,”10/3/11″,”13:30″,”Moscone South – 305″
17580  –  Best Practices for Managing Oracle WebLogic Server,”10/3/11″,”14:00″,”10/3/11″,”15:00″,”Moscone South – 306″
31161  –  Oracle WebLogic Server Security,”10/3/11″,”15:30″,”10/3/11″,”16:30″,”Marriott Marquis – Salon 3/4″
31800  –  Oracle WebLogic Server JMS Support: Architecture/Performance/Tuning Essentials/Best Practices,”10/3/11″,”18:30″,”10/3/11″,”19:15″,”Marriott Marquis – Salon 7″
32182  –  Oracle OpenWorld Keynote: Oracle and Dell Inc.,”10/4/11″,”8:00″,”10/4/11″,”9:45″,”Moscone North – Hall D”
30000  –  CERN Achieves Oracle Database Scalability and Performance by Building on NetApp,”10/4/11″,”10:15″,”10/4/11″,”11:15″,”Novellus Theater”
33000  –  Japan’s Recovery and The World #1 Supercomputer,”10/4/11″,”11:45″,”10/4/11″,”12:45″,”Novellus Theater”
34180  –  Can an ERP Upgrade Now Help Transform Your Business?,”10/4/11″,”15:30″,”10/4/11″,”16:30″,”Novellus Theater”
06980  –  Configuring and Managing a Private Cloud with Oracle Enterprise Manager,”10/4/11″,”17:00″,”10/4/11″,”18:00″,”Moscone South – 309″
32200  –  Oracle OpenWorld Keynote: Oracle and Cisco ,”10/5/11″,”8:00″,”10/5/11″,”9:45″,”Moscone North – Hall D”
15050  –  An Integrated End-to-End Data Integrity Solution for Oracle Products,”10/5/11″,”10:15″,”10/5/11″,”11:15″,”Moscone South – 236″
14862  –  Best Practices for Maintaining Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Exalogic,”10/5/11″,”11:45″,”10/5/11″,”12:45″,”Moscone West – 2020″
31160  –  Developing with Oracle WebLogic Server,”10/5/11″,”13:15″,”10/5/11″,”14:15″,”Marriott Marquis – Salon 3/4″
32201  –  Oracle OpenWorld Keynote: Oracle and Infosys Limited,”10/5/11″,”14:45″,”10/5/11″,”16:30″,”Moscone North – Hall D”
20000  –  Oracle Enterprise Manager Upgrade Best Practices,”10/5/11″,”17:00″,”10/5/11″,”18:00″,”Moscone South – 309″
14365  –  Oracle WebLogic Server Management for DBAs: Cross-Tier Visibility from JVM to Database,”10/6/11″,”9:00″,”10/6/11″,”10:00″,”Moscone South – 306″
14363  –  What’s New for Oracle WebLogic Management: Capabilities That Scripting Cannot…,”10/6/11″,”12:00″,”10/6/11″,”13:00″,”Moscone South – 306″
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