Comments on: Oracle 11g SOA Suite Service-enable a Query Using the Database Adapter – Execute Pure SQL Option Friends of Oracle and Java Fri, 29 May 2015 11:00:21 +0000 hourly 1 By: amis Wed, 02 Oct 2013 04:13:02 +0000 thanks a ton amis. saved my day

By: rob Thu, 20 Oct 2011 15:15:51 +0000 14. For some reason the number of output elements is not correct.
If you put a space in front of the ‘from’ in the query it will parse ok 😉

By: Lucas Jellema Fri, 24 Dec 2010 07:19:04 +0000 Hi Theo,

Thanks for sharing this wonderful elaborate tutorial. Great example of exposing database(d) functionality in a decoupled way to external consumers using the SOA Suite 11g. You make it sound very simple and straightforward.

kind regards,